Writers’ Newspaper
2017 Finalist

Writers’ Newspaper

Agora S.A.

Warsaw, Poland

Category Print Readership or Engagement

Overview of this campaign

On 23 th April The European Capital of Culture 2016 become also the UNESCO World Book Capital
and from the inspiration of  Wroclaw, we created Writers’ Newspaper. We have invited 60 writers to make the project. Among them: authors of detective stories, essayists, novelists, and reporters.Why did we create Writer’ Newspaper? Firstly - in spite of the image, which is created by the readership research in Poland, we wanted to prove that the Readers do not constitute a diminishing minority that is helpless against a threat of the civilisation disaster, which would be the world without reading. Secondly - we wanted to show the power of community of writers and readers. Thirdly - with the hope that its Authors are able to offer us, the readers, a new perspective on the rapidly complicating world, and they will ask questions, which have not come to our minds yet, diagnose conflicts in a different way, and help to deal with emotions – uncertainty, anger, fear - which are increasing day by day. Action main objective: we wanted to connect writers, readers and book bloggers in the joint action which included preparation, writing, and edition of the greatest daily paper in Poland.
On 23 April 2016, a model of the first page was changed, and Gazeta Wyborcza traditional vignette was partially obscured by Gazeta Pisarzy [Writers’ Newspaper]. The writers’ work was observed by readers and bloggers who visited the editorial office in great numbers. It was a joint holiday.
Writers’ Newspaper was reflected also in the internet. To strengthen its power, we used several social media portals such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and of course our main site wyborcza.pl where current relation took place.

Results for this campaign

Writers’ Newspaper was emited on 24th April 2016 in 259305 copies all over the country. It was preceded by a broad-based advertising campaign includingTV adverts, radio stations, internet, mailing. What have we achieved? Writers’ Newspaper was a great project which resulted in winning new readers. We also proved to be thrustworthy in editorial branch. Moreover – we gained new authors to cooperate with in the future. Financial success needs to be mention too. We have earned over 575 000 zlotych from our Partners and sold 11 000 copies more than a normal Saturday issue of Gazeta Wyborcza.
Writers’ Newspaper had a very positive respond in media. Everyone was talking about it including the most popular television station (TVN), internet portals (Press.pl, wirutalnemedia.pl, media2.pl).


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