2017 Winner

The Gams story


Schwarzach, Austria

Category Native Advertising

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

As requested by the hotel management, we adopted a novel approach by asking two well-known travel bloggers, who happen to be a couple, to spend three romantic days at the Gams. The bloggers provided a lot of fascinating content for an article in our new "Story" format.

The "Story" format with its attractive modern layout is a real eye-catcher. Packed with stunning pictures and honest reports about the experience, the article was thus bound to attract readers and stick in their minds.

The story was published through multiple channels and key influencers to make sure that it reached our target group.


Results for this campaign

The response exceeded all our expectations. The readership was nearly 500%
higher than for other articles. Readers engaged in unprecedented numbers with
the campaign: in total, we counted nearly 20,000 interactions.

While the majority of the readership lives in Austria, we reached our target audiences
in Switzerland and Germany with 18% and 15% respectively.
This success and the positive feedback from guests and friends of the Kuschelhotel
Gams took everybody by surprise.

Hotel manager Ellen Nenning: "We never expected such a huge response. The
campaign clearly achieved its objectives. We are delighted with the success of the
VOL.AT story."


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