South China Morning Post - This Week in Asia
2017 Finalist

South China Morning Post - This Week in Asia

South China Morning Post

New Territories, Hong Kong

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Overview of this campaign

Headquartered in Hong Kong straddling China and the rest of world, the SCMP is uniquely positioned to own the media space that leverages on its geopolitical position governed by the political framework “one country two systems”. From this perspective, the SCMP’s China expertise can tell definitive stories of China’s interactions with the region.

As one of the most widely-known English newspapers in the region, the SCMP can reach beyond its Hong Kong home base, and position itself as a publication that readers depend on.

Based on a focus group assessment, the SCMP found:


  1. Frequency of weekend reading of SCMP content was low, mainly for consuming main news, interest on other content and magazines are low.
  2. There was a need for current affairs, deep dive analysis and metrics. They were integrally motivated by their desire to advance their professional lives.

This Week in Asia is positioned to expand SCMP's readership geographically as well as demographically. 

Results for this campaign

This Week in Asia is:

Print: Tabloid size (size 320m in height x 256 mm in width), pagination around 20 pages in woodfree uncoated paper.

Online: Desktop and mobile

This Week in Asia is presented in the following distinct sections:

1) Cover story, 2) Asia Buzz (The week’s highlights), 3) Briefing (country focused), 4) Opinion, 5) Business and 6) Society

Within less than 6 months, TWIS established a growing footprint with a large pool of loyal readers looking for intelligent coverage of regional issues especially in relations to China. 

More than 2 million unique users in the first 5 months

137%  PV growth since launch

118% unique users growth since launch


Launched in August, TWIS significantly expanded online readership segment in the following key markets.

US - pageviews increased 77%; unique users increased 52%

UK - pageviews increased 62%; unique users increased 24%

Canada - pageviews increased 157%; unique users increased 77%

Singapore - pageviews increased 138%; unique users increased 104%

Australia - pageviews increased 68%; unique users increased 30%


Though the TWIS team is small, the team has developed exclusives such as:

Singaporean rabblerouser Amos Yee seeking asylum in the US

The Indian adviser to Modi’s criticisms of him


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