When a newspaper decided to become the nation’s teacher
2017 Finalist

When a newspaper decided to become the nation’s teacher

Jagran Prakashan Ltd

New Delhi, India

Category Readership and Engagement

Overview of this campaign


Murder, Rape, Scam, Crime, Robbery, Suicide, Accident, Fraud, Bribery, Scandal – scream newspaper headlines every morning. The result : Newspapers were seen as carriers of negativity. As a natural consequence, parents kept the newspaper away from their kids – our future readers. The messenger was bearing the brunt of carrying bad news.

At the same time, the newspaper world was getting hyper-competitive where garnering readership and circulation at any cost was the prime motive. As a result, we were witnessing a gruesome shift in the axis of journalism – from Shaping Views to Delivering News. The role of newspapers as “conscience keepers of society” was being questioned.

The challenge was to reignite our role as the conscience keeper, and create content that would attract young readers to the newspaper.

We DECIDED TO LEAD THE CHANGE from being the Carrier to Corrector, and from reporting “value erosion” to resurrecting “value system”. Thus was born our initiative – JAGRAN SANSKARSHALA.

The word Sanskarshala means “School of Values”

We created a Sanskarshala page in Dainik Jagran that spoke about moral value education for contemporary times. We started writing on topics like Virtue of Service, Expectation management, pride in citizenship, self worth, goal setting for happiness, etc. There were stories written for children with a moral message. Experts, School principals, and Children were invited to write for the Sanskarshala page. This page broke the shackles of negativity and had stories of hope, positivity and optimism with a message for the younger generation and their guardians. We partnered with schools and children and asked them to follow the Sanskarshala pages everyday. At the end of the campaign we conducted an examination based on the content carried in the newspaper. Through this, Dainik Jagran played the role of a teacher of moral values, and the Sanskarshala initiative became a platform for preparing a future full of aware, responsible and confident young citizens.


Results for this campaign

Specific Activities done
- Campaign promoted through Print, Radio, Digital and on ground activities
- Panels of School principals created to get their suggestions on content for Jagran Sanskarshala
- We involved experts, school principals and children to write for the newspaper
- A website (www.jagransanskarshala.com) was created
- Unique Editorial content created on specific topics like Virtue of Service, Expectation management, pride in citizenship, self worth, goal setting for happiness, etc
- A value education coursebook created for specific class/age groups
- Based on the editorial content carried under Sanskarshala, an examination was conducted and top performing students were awarded
- We involved guardians of children to participate in the examination. Their scores along with the scores of their wards were used to arrive at the final winners. After all, instilling values comes from family first.

The Project in Numbers

• A newspaper for the 1st time created a platform for young readers to help them find their way among the moral puzzles of the modern world and its cacophony of voices and opinions
• Dainik Jagran created unique/positive editorial content which was relevant for the young readers
• 1 mn STUDENTS REGISTERED for the programme
• 1327 SCHOOLS ACROSS 13 STATES of INDIA partnered the movement
• Over 400 school Principals participated in workshops conducted across 25 cities
• The campaign reached the 56 mn readers of Dainik Jagran
• Over 6000 teachers and 2000 volunteers conducted the exam
• Jagran Sanskarshala was read out in over 1000 SCHOOL MORNING ASSEMBLIES.
• Over 200 projects done by Schools who adopted one “Value”


• Top of Mind Awareness at 29% was the highest for Dainik Jagran.
• Brand Satisfaction Score of 57% for Dainik Jagran- highest in the newspaper category
• Dainik Jagran scored the highest on Brand Likeability
• Highest intention to Read was recorded for Dainik Jagran
• PARENTS WERE HAPPY to handover the newspaper to their kids : Compared to same period last year, we increased circulation by 1,46,000 copies

Source : Brand Study, Oct’16


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