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Overview of this campaign

New York has the most pro teams of any city in the world. Most users are fans of just one team in any one sport though. So why do media outlets still make readers hop from one section front to another to get their information, cluttering their screens with stories about teams they couldn’t care less about? 


Our goal was to let the sports fan determine their own experience. Say that fan likes the Mets, the Giants and the Knicks. Let’s put all that news in one spot so all they have to do is open the app and it’s all there. And let’s make it easy for that super fan to follow a team, from scores and stats on the story level to a customized Twitter feed for that team. Then, let’s give users the chance to buy tickets to an upcoming game with one tap of their screen, as well as access to information about a specific stadium.


Now, what if that same user also wants to follow the Golden State Warriors’ record-setting season, or they have the Cowboys’ Dak Prescott on their fantasy team? Why force them to go elsewhere — let’s make it easy for them to add those teams to their favorites list and get all their information in the same news feed.


Those are some of the objectives we set out to meet with our customizable sports-only mobile product.


With an easy-to-use preference center, users can also choose which teams they want to receive alerts for. Including our nine local pro teams, two local Division I colleges — and a segment specifically about athletes from Long Island competing on the world stage.


Results for this campaign

The first iteration of our sports app launched on iOS and Android platforms on Memorial Day weekend 2016, in time for the Mets’ 30-year celebration of their 1986 World Series championship team.


It had close to 1,000 downloads in that initial weekend. As the marketing and promotional material rolled out over the summer, downloads increased and by the end of December 2016, we reached 10,000.


Users have the option of logging in to the app to customize their news feeds, or just using it for top news and scores. Overwhelmingly, users chosen to get the content they want. Inclusion of just the sports section of the newspaper in downloadable form was a big hit as well. 


Version 2 of the app launched in August as the high school sports season began again. This iteration allowed users to customize their high school news just as they could their pro sports news. This has led to a growth of around 40,000 page views per month, with the app as a whole over 250,000 page views/month.


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