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Brand USA Road Trip – NZME (New Zealand)

Brand USA Road Trip – NZME (New Zealand)


Auckland, New Zealand

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Overview of this campaign


The main objective for this campaign for Brand USA was to educate, inspire and promote Road Trips throughout the United States of America (USA) to New Zealand residents (NZR) as a means to discover the USA. Success for the campaign would be demonstrated by achievement of the below measureable objectives:

  1. Increased visitation and diversity of destinations chosen in the USA by NZ travellers
  2. Bookings made to the USA for Brand USA campaign retail partner, House of Travel (HoT)
  3. A gain in market share over the campaign period of October-November 2016
  4. A demonstrated return on investment (

    Link –  https://issuu.com/apn_mediaservices/docs/brand_usa?mode=window

Results for this campaign

The Road Trip Generator competition was a great success, with incredible engagement on social media. The number of hire days for rental cars skyrocketed. Numbers are up for customers booking trips to the USA, exactly what we wanted to achieve. This was a creative way of engaging with Kiwis on self-drive holidays in the USA, it was a hit. HoT Marketing Director, Ken Freer.

Kiwis love a good road trip, it’s part of who we are – and what better way is there to experience the depth and diversity of the USA than on a road trip.

Brand USA NZ partnered with NZME to directly convert a USA road trip from the ‘bucket list’ to the ‘to-do list’, and Kiwi dreamers into drivers using tactical road trip packages.

Once again the NZME team executed an innovative, value-driven campaign, delivering over and above our expectations. NZME continues to produce exceptional results. The Road Trips campaign ticked all the boxes for what we set out to achieve. Wayne Mitcham, Brand USA

Results achieved (numbered):

  • 52% increase NZR departures October, 42.4% November (both YOY). *1
  • 33 more ‘destinations’ booked
  • 93% increase  - views YOY for USA content pages
  • Media channels:
    • Road trip editorial content series (print/digital) - 21 Stories
    • 2.4Million video impressions
    • Interactive Road Trip Generator Promotion across all media
    • First Stop Freedom radio adverts reached 1.1Million+
  1. 2.      
  • 20% increase - HoT Room nights booked *2
  • 44% increase - hire days; 13% increase - bookings (Hertz Rental Cars)
  • 17% increase - hire days for Total Rental Car market
  • 10.6% increase - HoT North America Passengers
  • 8.5% increase - Total US Retail Sales


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