Instagram Competition – 29 Day Challenge
2017 Finalist

Instagram Competition – 29 Day Challenge

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Category Social Media

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Overview of this campaign

The main purpose is to create an UGC contest and to increase Brilio IG followers. It also aimed at enriching Brilio IG content and leverage brand awareness through viral content and activities.

Results for this campaign

At the end of the period on February 29th, 2016, the team had managed to hit some targets and exceed the others. The main impact is on the Instagram followers. Brilio had effectively gained additional 46% of Instagram followers on the first week of the challenge, with an average 132 new followers per day. At the end of the period, Brilio had doubled followers by adding 3,841 users in total.

The highest interaction in Instagram is 354 posts per day, with an average 150 posts per day. The account enjoyed the highest interaction on weekends. The campaign has successfully gained an overwhelming 4.400 post during the competition.


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