The Green Bild am Sonntag

The Green Bild am Sonntag

Axel Springer SE

Berlin, Germany

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Overview of this campaign

Sunday is the day for relaxing, the day for making decisions, the day for spending time with your family. On Sundays, we have twice as much leisure time as during the week. Sundays offer the freedom to focus one’s view onto the important subjects which leads to people taking the time to make important decisions.

Especially on Sundays, printed newspapers are highly valued. Therefore, 26 percent of German people start their Sundays with a newspaper at breakfast. BILD am SONNTAG also thrives due to its exceptional reach: BILD am SONNTAG’s reach is seven times as high as its circulation. As the primary newspaper on Sundays, BILD am Sonntag excels at setting tone on important public topics and enjoys the trust of the German people. For these reasons, only BILD am SONNTAG is able to devote a whole edition to the green consciousness.

Since German society centers increasingly on sustainability, BILD am SONNTAG deals with a whole range of green subjects - reaching from electric mobility to clean power and environmental-friendly household appliances.

The three main pillars of this unique edition are: Editorial content, graphical style, and advertisement. The editorial content constitutes the defining pillar for the Green BILD am SONNTAG. Sustainability-driven topics combined with a convincing interaction of visual content emphasize the importance of the message throughout the whole edition. This synergy conveys the main theme without neglecting important current topics. As a result, three quarters of the journalistic content focuses on sustainability.

Additionally, the style of the Green BILD am SONNTAG differs consciously from its common design. Besides a significant graphical twist from its usual memorable red color to an ecologically-associated green, even the company logo was adapted to convey the ecological understanding.

Finally, the advertising concept completes the whole green idea, by taking only those customers into consideration, who are in some way related to sustainability topics. The large majority of these customers advertise products and services which place an enhanced emphasis on the green idea.

Results for this campaign

BILD am SONNTAG can be regularly found on breakfast tables in German households. The issues it raises have a special importance, because it emphasizes topics which move the German public, stimulate the people to think, and it’s always relevant. BILD am SONNTAG is the leading national Sunday paper and reaches readers throughout all layers of the society. This distinct positioning makes it the most frequently cited Sunday paper in Germany. Based on its credibility with the readers combined with a significant reach, BILD am SONNTAG engages more than a million households.

For a long time, sustainability was a trend which could mostly be found in a small and primarily wealthy group. With its green edition, BILD am SONNTAG introduces a twist within German society. With the help of this special edition the topics of sustainability and ecological consciousness increasingly came into the focus of the general public. BILD am SONNTAG expedited this trend in Germany and gave the population an important nudge towards rethinking their lifestyle. All this has only been possible thanks to the large reach of this Sunday paper but also its credibility and its solid reputation.

The high potential and uniqueness of the Green BILD am SONNTAG was also recognized by advertisers who see the need to position their products and services in an ecological setting. This is mirrored in the sales figures which were more than doubled compared to the average of following editions in April 2016.

Following this economically successful green edition, the topic of ecological consciousness was picked up strategically and has become an important topic within the journalistic concept. As a result, a special emphasis was placed on sustainability including the semiannual special edition BILD am SONNTAG devoted to this topic.

In the words of the Vice chief editor Tom Drechsler: “We like this trend in Germany. Those who try to live green demonstrate their respect for our world. These people don’t want to destroy, they want to preserve instead. They hold life and freedom in high esteem.”


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