Shopping - preferably in Vorarlberg
2017 Finalist

Shopping - preferably in Vorarlberg


Schwarzach, Austria

Category Print Advertising

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Overview of this campaign

Shopping is a sensory experience. We want to touch, examine, try products – things we can do in our local shops where staff offer consumers expert advice and services. Local retailers provide jobs, train apprentices and help secure the economic future of the region.

These are the objectives that the cross-media campaign "Shopping ... preferably in Vorarlberg" wants to promote, by encouraging consumers to shop locally.

The message is clear and simple. Readers get answers to the question: Why should I shop locally? 

There are many good reasons to support local retailers:

• Strengthening the independent retail industry in Vorarlberg

• Securing local jobs/training opportunities

• Access to repair service

• Competent advice/personal service

• Securing local food supply

• Maintaining vibrant town centres/no vacant shops or deserted streets

• Retaining a diversity of shops and merchandise/not just international chain outlets monopolising the market

• Keeping money in the region 

Results for this campaign

The initiative was built around a cross-media ad campaign in Russmedia print media and online at VOL.AT, with accompanying radio image ads on Antenne Vorarlberg.

Apart from emphasising the core message of the initiative, the ads also worked at an emotional level and focused on people working in the regional retail industry. The picture language and the portraits of "people next door" enabled readers to relate at a human level to the issues raised, and the eye-catching red button soon became widely recognised as the campaign’s logo.

The initiative, which was supported by a number of partners, was also a commercial success. In 2016, its turnover was more than 130,000 Euro.


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