Subscriber Onboarding: 12-week survey

Subscriber Onboarding: 12-week survey

Fairfax Media NZ

Auckland, New Zealand

Category Paid Content or Subscription Initiative

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Overview of this campaign

We know from our previous subscriber satisfaction survey, completed in July 2014, our subscribers value reliable delivery of their newspapers, followed closely by regular communication - not just invoices. Hearing this feedback we worked to build our onboarding programme. Aside from welcome packs, calls, letters and emails, we wanted a touchpoint that was more engaging and encouraged a 2-way conversation. Therefore, the 12-week survey was created to:   

  • Create a meaningful piece of communication

  • Provide both an online ( and offline vehicle to gain valuable feedback from subscribers

  • Identify individual subscription issues within the first 6 months

  • Reduce cancellations

  • Reinforce subscriber benefits by asking for feedback about them

  • Reward subscribers (prize draw for participation)          

  • Soft email acquisition - provide online option for completion with mailed surveys

Results for this campaign

The email survey launched in July 2016 followed by the direct mail version in August 2016. Since launch 8270 surveys have been delivered and a total of 1529 responses have been received: 18.49% response rate. As expected, the email response rate is highest with 20.19% of the surveys completed. The mail response rate is still impressive with 14.68% of mailed surveys completed.

Of the respondents, 69.92% rated satisfaction with their subscription as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’. A one-off subscriber survey, run in June 2014, measured overall subscriber satisfaction at 78%. But drilling down, the 12-week survey respondents have scored their satisfaction as higher in ‘excellent’ (32.92%) versus only 26% from the 2014 survey who were ‘very satisfied’.  

The 12-week survey has created a new channel for feedback which enables swift resolution of issues that could otherwise lead to cancellation. Two of the biggest pain points for subscribers is delivery and customer service - since the 12-week survey launched overall NPS has increased 7 points, with delivery and customer service NPS scores increasing 3 points each for that period.

Most importantly, there has been a reduction in the rate of cancellations which indicates the success of this campaign as part of our retention strategy. Cancellations are tracking over 4% less than last year, which means we are retaining more subscribers. Financially, this translates to an additional $2.4m for our business.


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