Domain and National Australia Bank commercial content
2017 Finalist

Domain and National Australia Bank commercial content


Pyrmont, Australia

Category Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

National Australia Bank (NAB) is one of the largest and most prominent financial institutions in Australia. As part of a wider marketing campaign, the company aimed to shift consumer perception and communicate a new proposition centred on creating value for its customers at each stage of their homeownership journey.

As one of Australia’s leading and most trusted sources for property news, and a highly engaged and targeted audience, NAB looked to Domain for a branded content partnership to help achieve this goal.

The campaign focused on shifting its home loan messaging from a price led value proposition that consumers were increasingly associating with a volatile market, looking instead to create a more enduring emotive proposition for consumers that NAB supports them throughout their journey as homeowners.

Domain Media designed a content campaign to communicate the new proposition, targeting consumers experiencing life events associated with purchasing a home, such as landing a new career, getting married or growing a family.

The content plan included 20 articles and four videos, housed under Domain’s ‘Buying’ and ‘Renovations’ advice sections. House hunters visiting the NAB buying portal also received access to tips, insights and humour about the property search relevant to different life milestones.

Throughout the campaign, the branded editorials were amplified as featured articles on Domain’s homepage. Select stories were also promoted from Fairfax Media’s mastheads, including The Age and Sydney Morning Herald. Stories were also promoted as featured posts on Domain’s Facebook platform.

Results for this campaign

The NAB campaign was a huge success for the brand, helping the company shift brand perception and increased the likelihood of an Australian consumer choosing NAB for their home loan. The results were impressive:

  • During the first phase of the campaign, brand consideration increased by 21 per cent and 40 per cent overall (NAB’s Brand Consideration Nielsen Survey)

  • NAB’s sponsored content and editorials receieved more than 570,000 page views on to date (almost 40 per cent above the forecasted page views for the campaign)

  • NAB’s sponsorship of the ‘Buying and Renovations’  advice section earned more than 2.5 million page views, including more than 1.6 million unique visitors

  • The average time spent reading NAB’s sponsored content was close to double the time Domain's average audience spends on the site (3 minutes and 42 seconds vs. 2 minutes)

  • NAB’s sponsored video content achieved close to 40,000 views, with over 41,679 minutes watched in total

  • On social, the stories amplified on Domain’s Facebook page reached more than two million followers, with over 6,000 social engagements

According to NAB: “Domain’s innovative collaborative style, coupled with their reach and credibility meant there was no surprise we achieved a consideration lift of 20.1% in April-September and 46.1% in October-December 2016.”



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