Australian Community Media, ‘Connect with Classifieds’
2017 Finalist

Australian Community Media, ‘Connect with Classifieds’

Australian Community Media - Fairfax Media

Pyrmont, Australia

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

Our main objective was to develop a customer-first approach to our classified offering and give classified advertising in our papers and websites a future. To do this, something had to change. We had to turn around the revenue and breathe new life into a challenged advertising stream.          Our first goal was to set the foundations, laying a consistent classifieds platform across our network of papers. We standardised and simplified our classifieds formats, branding, categories, advertising packages and business rules, allowing us to then share and publish across any of our brands, taking a new fresh approach operationally.          Next was to make this a reality, and for this we needed our people; internal and external.          Internally we trained more than 240 staff in 32 locations. We learnt and brainstormed together, completing the 10-month rollout with glowing feedback from our classifieds sales team "My enthusiasm has increased ten-fold. Looking forward to cross-selling and increasing insertions. Better and greater plans for the future of classifieds". - Valerie Cooke, Classifieds representative, Mandurah Mail.          Once we had created the foundation and trained our people, we executed our new sales strategies. We promoted our new offerings directly through our sales teams and supported this with print and digital advertising, educating our clients about how to take advantage of the new packages and opportunities.          Our current goal, ‘Innovate and grow classifieds in print and digital’ is only possible because of the changes we’ve already made and work we’ve put in. We are currently introducing new options for our customers, like the use of emojis and new colour, font and graphic variations. Plans are underway to introduce even more exciting new features in print and in digital.          ‘Connect with Classifieds’ was an immensely successful collaboration across our broader business - from senior leaders, Sales and Channel Managers, IT, Marketing, Learning and Development, to our all important local sales teams. This holistic approach and collaboration was key to the huge success that we have achieved.

Results for this campaign

‘Connect with Classifieds’ exceeded all initial revenue and volume expectations with $4.5m in recognised revenue in 2016 - split 50/50 between cross sells and multi-insertions under the new packages. An incredible result, based on a focus on customer solutions. (Please refer to PDF attachment for financial results graph outlining the category growth)

Our sales teams are more customer focussed then they have ever been and we now have the structure in place to make a customer-first approach a reality - one point of contact, consistent packaging, plus access to a network that reaches 4.5 million people each month via our print and online classifieds platforms. (Customer testimonial in attached pdf)

Our classifieds staff survey had a 55% participation rate and confirmed that the training that was provided was both satisfying (NPS +66) and relevant (NPS +67), playing a critical role in the strategy.

Culturally, our teams are more customer-focussed, more confident in finding customer solutions and have greater enthusiasm for the future of our classifieds than ever before. We’re seeing an unprecedented level of engagement on such a scale across sales teams in this category (staff testimonial in attached video link).  

‘Connect with Classifieds’ has created the foundation of sustainable classifieds branding; a solution which can scale and evolve as the branding and advertising needs of our clients develop.  (See attached PDF for branding executions)

‘Connect with Classifieds’ has also created a platform for further customer focussed initiatives. It has defined our preferred customer contact channel - email, phone and then counter. By standardising and simplifying, we are now enabled to rollout at scale our full self-service 24/7 online solution.


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