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News Republic India

Cheetah Mobile India

Gurgaon, India

Category Mobile

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Overview of this campaign

Main Objective

Create a highly engaging news product for Indian audience with limited Internet connectivity and low end smartphones .

Key parameters to measure the success of our product

  1. Offline Reading - Biggest reason for our success. In India internet connectivity is hazy hence we have a feature which allows user to Offline New Articles when she is on wifi and as soon as she has no internet connectivity it allows user to read them. A push is sent saying "offline articles available". Algorithm works in a way that these are the most recent articles.
  2. Lock Screen – Ability to read news even when the device is locked, after the news is read goes back to main article
  3. CTR on any of our news push notifications. We use segmented push notifications Ex- A user reading football news more than X times in a week only gets football related push notifications not others. 
  4. Engagement: Daily Time Spent, No of articles clicked
  5. Monetization for our news publishing partners

Results for this campaign

  1. Offline Reading :. Engagement spiked up to 22 minutes/day after rolling out this feature. More than 3 times/day used feature
  2. CTR on pushes : 10-30%
  3. Daily Time Spent in the app :22 minutes, Daily article clicks: 18 times ( 4 times more than traditional news apps)
  4. Monetization – Various ad formats tried(screenshots attached). Increase in monetization several times without any drop in User Engagement
    1. Lock Screen
    2. Splash Screen
    3. Native Ad
    4. Sponsored Content
    5. Placement at bottom of Article
    6. Video Ads


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