Journalism for the experienced
2017 Finalist

Journalism for the experienced

Folha de S.Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil

Category New Corporate Innovation Initiative

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Overview of this campaign

Opportunity for professionals over 40 years old. Looking for the experience gained from these professionals and also offering the experience of a newspaper with 95 years of existence.  At this age, many believe that it is too late to change careers, or even to learn new job functions.

The program, besides capacitating and training these professionals for a new function, it gives them an opportunity to learn in practice how a newsroom of a newspaper like Folha works.

Results for this campaign

With a great deal of interest, more than 1500 people applied to participate in the program. Of these, only 12 were selected for 2 months of study in a very eclectic group: there were two lawyers, a museologist, a documentary filmmaker, two doctors, two political scientists, a biologist and three publicists. All of them were successful professionals, with postgraduates, courses abroad, awards, who wanted to get to know journalism closely. Sponsored by Odebrecht, Philip Morris and Friboi, the program was coordinated by special reporter Vera Guimarães Martins.

The group nicknamed themselves as "sealsaurus," a mix of a seal (young reporter) and a dinosaur. "It was a great experience and we intend to repeat it," says Suzana Singer, Training Editor. The program has the support of the Brazilian Association of Airline Companies. As their final work, the senior trainee group produced an extensive report on the digital content producers who perform on YouTube. The paper occupied two pages in the culture section of the printed newspaper (12/12/2016 edition) and a special page at Folha's website. Part of the team is already engaged in the production of new contents for Folha's special products.



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