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London , United Kingdom

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Overview of this campaign

Morrisons approached The Sun video with a problem. They no longer wanted to be just seen as a value supermarket, but they wanted to connect emotion and food together. They asked for a series of videos that showed people coming together and sharing food in a highly-emotive atmosphere, which would also drive brand warmth towards them.

They chose The Sun for being the largest circulation daily newspaper in the country with a daily readership that surpasses most TV programmes. The Sun’s website has also just overtaken The Daily Mirror to become the second most read news site in the UK.

We created a video series under the theme of ‘The Surprise Party’ for Morrisons supermarkets. The premise was a deserving person in a community would think they were going for an interview with The Sun, a back story would be told how they had helped out in their neighbourhood. When they arrive for the interview all the people connected with them were there throwing a surprise party. We started the series with a party for Sister Josie, a Nigerian nurse from Chislehurst. Then came Paul Dowsett, a police officer who trained cadets, then we featured Anne and Terry Panks, a foster couple who had taken in over 1000 kids in Manchester over the years. Finally we threw a party for 11-year-old Storm Burgess - who has worked with an impressive 16 different charities in her local area and raised over £9,000.


Results for this campaign

Across the 4 long form videos (each over 2 minutes long) we had:

  • 4.5m+ views to 30" in-article on The Sun website (using Unruly distribution)
  • 603k views to 30" across The Sun Facebook page and 21, 029 interactions, 1,816 comments and 2,457 shares.

We also managed to provide Morrisons with great feedback from Unruly's SharRank index, which showed:

  • Emotional response, social motivation and brand favourability were more than 10% above the UK retail norm. 
  • Warmth and happiness were the key emotions; viewers also felt inspired and a small number proud. Inspiration and pride are not common responses for UK Retail advertising thus helping the ad to stand out. 
  • 53% of the target audience felt closer to Morrisons, more positive and more likely to recommend them as a result of seeing the video. 

We were over-indexing on shareability for all videos made.  

We've also seen incredible sentiment, such as:

"Lovely... this is what we want to see more of... celebration of the good in the world."

Jodie Locking, Head of Digital Marketing at Morrisons said: "the purpose of the videos was to create emotional long form video content that was likeable and shareable through social channels. The results have proved that the videos absolutely deliver on both these fronts."

Morrisons have also seen first half profits rise for the first time in four years. Ex-Tesco man Potts took over in March 2015 and has embarked on a number of measures to reverse years of stagnation at the grocer said he is planning more improvements. (Including more video!)


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