Digital Premium Jornais

Digital Premium Jornais

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Curitiba, Brazil

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Overview of this campaign

While television advertising packages have long offered one-stop shopping for buyers to run ads on a full range of channels, this same approach could not be applied to Brazil’s newspapers. Previously, buyers had to negotiate separately with the country’s leading newspapers, a process that could take three days, and contend with the specific advertising formats of each paper. By simplifying the buying process the Digital Premium platform eliminates these hurdles and lets advertisers run the same nationwide campaign at a much lower cost.

Digital Premium was designed to let media buyers capitalize on the power of Brazil’s advertising market — which, based on a study by Deloitte, generates almost 11 reais in the economy for each real invested. By meeting the need to use newspapers as a nationwide advertising vehicle, this unique new platform can compete with vehicles such as Google and Facebook. Buyers interact with just one agent, and can purchase an exclusive high impact online ad format that delivers an average of ten million exposures per day to five million people.

Digital Premium targets a qualified market which seeks reliable news and information from Brazil’s leading sources: its newspapers. Unlike content portals, Digital Premium is a global media vehicle with a local approach, as it uses the top 65 papers in Brazil, which are spread across 20 states and 50 cities, and which use 5,000 journalists nationwide.

Additionally, bringing these newspapers together into a single advertising network strengthens their own sales and increases their ability to promote major brands and impact their readers with more powerful advertising.

Results for this campaign

Since its introduction, the platform has run ads from clients in industries such as food, health insurance, car manufacturing, hygiene and beauty products, as well as four government agencies. Based on the feedback we received from clients and their advertising agencies, each of these ad placements delivered superior results. In its first year of operation, the platform saw its ads generate profits for the newspapers involved. In its second year the network’s revenues increased by 157%, while media delivery rose 163%. Digital Premium is more than just a media platform for the advertising industry: it makes communicating with the general public faster, easier and more effective.

Throughout the planning process for Digital Premium , including its introduction to the market, everything was designed in order to offer a product that brings clear benefits to major advertisers and their advertising agencies by providing extensive reach through papers that deliver their ads to highly qualified readers. As it’s based on the local strength of the finest newspapers in each region Digital Premium has established itself as Brazil’s most qualified readership media platform. To-date the platform has run two advertising campaigns in all of its newspapers in order to strengthen its brand. Grouping these newspapers together has also strengthened their own sales and increased their ability to promote major brands and impact their readers with more potent advertising.

Digital Premium Newspapers allows large national brands to deliver their message across the country to a highly qualified readership that seeks quality news and information, and whose purchasing power represents 70% of Brazil’s GDP.


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