Welt campaign
2017 Finalist

Welt campaign

WeltN24 GmbH

Berlin, Germany

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

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Overview of this campaign

Our world is becoming increasingly complex, faster and – above all – more confusing. With their offer, WELT AM SONNTAG, N24, WELT.de and DIE WELT, together with all of the associated social media channels, want to make the world outside easier to grasp despite all of its complexity. As a result, they want to increase the relevance of events and background facts in everyday life as well as people’s interest and involvement in those events and facts. WELT endeavours to build trust in intelligent journalism and the WELT umbrella brand. In an initial step, WeltN24 has merged all of the brands under the umbrella brand of WELT – Germany’s only fully digital and fully integrated media brand. But how do we establish WELT in the minds of the target group? And how do we put across the idea that we can also keep our brand promise?

Results for this campaign

Obviously with a claim that gets to the point of our journalistic aspiration and can be communicated across all of the products: “CHECK DIE WELT” (comprehend the world). We give this promise of comprehending the world as it is to our target group across all of the channels and stage our quality journalism in such a way that it truly touches people.

No matter whether this involves the product or image motif: The idea of an integrated campaign offers a one-source solution and picks up the current topics from politics, business and society with emotional images. The headline: One question. Four possible answers. Together with a multiple choice look, they illustrate the complexity of world events that make reliable information and elucidating backgrounds even more important than ever before. Where? At any time and everywhere on every channel. As a main component of a cross-media campaign. Result? Germany "checkt die Welt" (comprehends the world) with WELT.

And what do the numbers say? One-third of N24’s intensive viewers and WELT digital users have noticed and/or already heard or read that N24 and WELT AM SONNTAG/DIE WELT now belong together and have a joint editorial department. This awareness has increased among WELT digital users by 7 percent. Among N24 digital users this figure is higher by 5 percent. For intensive viewers this adds up to +12 percent. For occasional viewers of N24, this awareness of the affiliation has increased by 5 percent.*

*Source: Brand Tracking 2016; basis: adults 14 years and older, at least occasional readers of newspapers and/or digital news offers and/or viewers of TV news stations; n = 2,000 (wave = 1), n = 3,000 (wave 2).


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