Sunday Magazine: For People Who Love Lancaster County
2017 Finalist

Sunday Magazine: For People Who Love Lancaster County

LNP Media Group, Inc.

Lancaster, United States

Category New Print Product

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Overview of this campaign

Sunday, a fiercely local magazine for Lancaster County and included as an insert to Sunday LNP newspaper, was launched with multiple objectives in mind. First, in an effort to build audience retention, Sunday was positioned as added value for existing and new subscribers to Sunday LNP at no additional cost. Second, the high-end presentation offered an alternate format for advertisers seeking as audience as big as that provided by the newspaper. Third, its content was meant to reflect the entire county -- both rural and urban -- to gain the widest number of fans in a competitive regional magazine market. And finally, Sunday was crafted as a future replacement for the dwindling Parade magazine which is also currently inserted in our publication.

Results for this campaign

Sunday is not available in the single-copy editions of Sunday LNP or separately at newsstands. It doesn't have a Facebook page or a Twitter county. Here is a rock-solid expression of our commitment to print and those who love it. The payoff? Our longtime readers are delighted with the extra effort. And a welcome segment of our newspaper's audience has responded, too. Newcomers to Lancaster County say they are reading Sunday to learn more about the area's people and customs. For their part, advertisers are taking advantage of a new, glossy, widely circulated publication to reach new customers. Businesses featuring home decor or landscaping services, in particular, have benefited from the high-end presentation.


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