Doing something different - how KIT video changed social video in Sweden
2017 Finalist

Doing something different - how KIT video changed social video in Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

We live in a harsh media world. During the last couple of years readers and viewers have definately moved into social media - a place where your content will always compete with everything else. Not only with other publishers from all over the world, but also with every friend, company or funny page the user has ever interacted with. So how do you get attention in a thoroughly competitive news feed? The answer is truly great content - and since KIT started in May 2015 our goal has been to make the greatest content out there in a structured, data based way. 

In all this video has obviously become increasingly important and we knew from the beginning that video would be one of our most important formats.

We set our goals high, we wanted to:

1) rethink journalism and tell new stories
2) use big data to structure, identify video formats and optimize story telling.
3) become one of the best producers of social video in the world (when it comes to quality and innovation).
4) reach 80 million started videos on Facebook during our first year. 

There were of course challenges. We always wanted to stay clear from the common ways to grow an audience: clickbaits, kittens, celebrities or pranks. Instead we wanted to do great video journalism in a way that people actually wanted to watch. 

We also didn’t have any role models in Sweden, but had to start from scratch and completely find our own voice and learn the Swedish audience to consume journalism in social video. 

Results for this campaign

We started out with looking into what is crucial when publishing videos exclusively on social media and we found three keys: 

1) Autoplay: Our videos have to start automatically - and the messaging during the first second is crucial. 2) Silence: When Facebook launched their silent autostart the audience quickly got used to the sound of silence. Our data also shows that 95% of all our video views happen without wound. This means that you have to tell your stories with text, illustrations and images.

3) Aspect ratio: The most common video aspect ratio has been 16:9. But noone turn their phone to watch videos on social media. The majority of our videos are made in 1:1 and we're also experimenting with vertical 16:9.

The next step was to identify formats and today we work with 17 different video formats, like breaking news, explainers and tutorials. We have since analyzed every single video published from a dramaturgical perspective to learn a best practice for every format.

Today we publish video in all our verticals and all our reporters can easily work with video. And the results have blown us away:

It didn't even take us a year to pass 80 million started videos on Facebook and we have nearly two million weekly video views. We have exceptional retention on all video material we publish. A majority of our customers want to buy video. And we are the leading media company in Sweden when it comes to finding new ways of telling stories in social video. Doing a “KIT-video” has become a concept in our line of industry. Our way of doing video is easily recognized and loved by the audience. And we do believe that we are one of the most innovative producers of high quality social video in the world.





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