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2017 Winner

Toronto Star Touch

Toronto Star

Toronto, Canada

Category Data Analytics

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Overview of this campaign

• Implement a data driven relationship between editorial and analytics to establish a formalized process for tablet app optimization where content and product insights are actioned and assessed. 

• Formalize tablet app analytics and optimization efforts to drive user engagement including increased time spent, and number of daily users.




Results for this campaign

• Established tablet app specific analytics process: app data review, recommendations based on linear user experience, establish app testing parameters, assess test performance, iterate.

• Developed tablet app analytics reporting taking into account unique platform features such as offline reading, edition based content, push notifications,and automatic downloads.

• Recommended over 16 product and content changes. Newsroom implementation of suggested changes lead to an increase in time spent per device on iOS by 25% and Android by 23% over a 12 month period.

• Increased time spent through product and content recommendations to an average of 27 minutes per user per day, at times reaching 35 minutes per users on weekends.

• For example, content optimization was applied to the Entertainment section which increased time spent on screen by 59% on iOS and 48% on Android.



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