OMO Front Page Wrap
2017 Winner

OMO Front Page Wrap

News Regional Media

Fortitude Valley, Australia

Category Print Advertising

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Overview of this campaign

To gain maximum impact for the OMO brand, encourage kids to get out and get messy/dirty (in line with OMO's 'real play' initiative to get kids playing outdoors and being creative again, not just sitting inside in front of the TV or on their PCs/iPads etc) and to give parents a reason to pick up the paper and keep the kids occupied during the school holidays.

Results for this campaign

The wrap contributed to the overall campaign for OMO Ultimate, helping to drive the following overall brand metrics for the campaign.

Top Of Mind Awareness: increased TOM awareness for OMO by over 26%

Brand Affinity: Increase positive brand sentiment over 43%

Consideration: Consideration for OMO as a brand rose over 200%

Advocacy: Doubled over the campaign period

Action: 50% of mums took action as a result of seeing the campaign

Sales: Major increases in OMO Ultimate sales within campaign markets and in some regions over 100% increases on target. (Actual results can’t be disclosed due to Unilever confidentiality agreement)



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