The Irish Times and Vhi - Let
2017 Finalist

The Irish Times and Vhi - Let

The Irish Times

Dublin , Ireland

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Overview of this campaign

The objective was clear: Vhi needed to promote a concept to the nation to dispel the myths, de-stigmatising fertility, educating couples with knowledge they so clearly lacked. Media agency PHD developed a fully integrated campaign entitled “Let’s Talk about Fertility” and engaged  The Irish Times Content Studio to devise an educational, conversation stirring, engaging native advertising campaign to reach a wide and relevant audience, drive engagement and encourage a dialogue amongst an audience on their own fertility journey.

 The native content strategy derived from the findings of the research, centered around an integrated quiz platform, called ‘Fertility IQ’, where people could test their fertility knowledge online.  At the core of the campaign was a series of five indepth articles, served to deliver key information in a relatable, engaging way. Irish television producer, broadcaster, writer and recent mum Maia Dunphy led the campaign, creating content in print, online and podcast form.  Two podcasts were recorded, hosted by Maia, featuring real people talking about real experiences. The second of which was a live event where people experiencing fertility issues and medical experts were brought together for an experience that added warmth, compassion and knowledge to a topic that can often feel cold.

Additional to the use of The Irish Times social channels, a Social Influencer campaign with several of Ireland’s most influential social personalities was created.  An in-person breakfast briefing was held with the Social Influencers and a strategically timed social content schedule was implemented, fuelling conversation amongst their loyal followers and enabling them to create the required dialogue via the #vhifertility hashtag.

Results for this campaign

Within our online Fertility Hub, the content was viewed more than 115,000 times with more than 6,000 hours of consumption time (250 days). Many of these pieces were the most viewed articles on the day of publication, validating the quality of the content and the desire for that information. Strong dwell time confirmed the level of engagement with over 3 minutes for each article published. Total reach on Facebook was over 450,000 Irish people and on Twitter the posts received more than 250k impressions. Both podcasts combined received over 13,000 listens.

Across all channels, the combined reach of Social Influencer led activity was 35,244 impressions on Instagram, total of 70,371 people reached on Facebook, with 7,397 people directly clicking the link to take the Fertility Quiz, 490,500 views across all snaps on Snapchat, 14,474 impressions on Twitter. Across all social activity, the posts received more than 1,600 high quality engagements (reactions, comments, shares, replies, retweets).

Thousands turned to Vhi Healthcare for support and to find out more about the fertility benefits their plans offer.  Sales results were stunning as their available health plans within the campaign period increased 9 fold year on year with the majority of them being switchers, demonstrating the impact of native advertising when combined with ATL.  

“Vhi’s partnership with The Irish Times was innovative in its approach and was fundamental to the success of the campaign. They were truly on board with our vision to deliver engaging, informative and empathetic content. We knew that without engaging with the right partner, we simply could not expect the nation to start talking about fertility”. – Marie Collier, Marketing Manager, Vhi.  



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