Onet 4.0
2017 Winner

Onet 4.0

Grupa Onet-RAS Polska

Warsaw, Poland

Category Mobile

Overview of this campaign

Onet mobile app is the leading news app in Poland, with more than 1,000,000 downloads until mid-2016.

But constant changes and innovation are essential on the competitive and fast-evolving news market. To attract new, young mobile users and respond to their needs, Onet released a new version (4.0), for iOS and Android mobile app in October 2016.

The brand has noticed that the consumption of news apps in Poland is not evenly distributed across all parts of the day. The biggest surge occurs in the morning when consumers are getting ready for or are commuting to work. Onet was the first market player to notice that morning activities usually keep consumers’ hands and eyes busy as they are getting ready to leave their house, are eating or driving.

The key functionality of the new app is based on this factor.

Onet 4.0 is Poland’s first app to provide the unique “text to speech” feature to have each and every article read aloud. It is simply activated by the “Onet read!” (Onet czytaj!) command, what means that a user may benefit from it in any situation.

Another innovation is the app’s access to the audio version of Onet24 news service. The news service is updated automatically several times a day, and each issue brings key news headlines from Poland and overseas as they unfold. This way, the app satisfies the needs of consumers who want to be up to date with current events.

Onet 4.0 has been redesigned from scratch to make the navigation simpler, more transparent and intuitive – much better dedicated to the needs of a mobile user.

The key objective of the project was to prospect new users – to gain 100,000 new installations  until end of 2016.

Additional objectives included building product awareness among business partners, influencers and the media.

Results for this campaign

The app’s market launch was reinforced by a high-impact marketing campaign. The media plan was driven by own media of Onet-RAS Polska Group and barter deals: the press, online, mobile, TV, radio and screens fitted at railway stations in 29 cities in Poland.

Meanwhile, the campaign was supported by performance-driving activities - Ad words, Facebook and Twitter.

Promotion was endorsed by bloggers, journalists and Onet’s stars.

Multi-channel activities delivered under this project have brought to the high number of installations, captured the interest of target audiences and ensured high visibility in the media.

KPIs were exceeded with 190,000 new installations versus the target set at 100,000.

The number of active daily users went up by 12.5% for Android users and 9.5% for iOS users.

Communication about the app containing 100% key messages was released on key blogs and industry websites.

Outcomes of scheduled activities include ads published in  Newsweek Polska and Forbes Polska, aired on Polsat, one of the two leading commercial television networks in Poland (the combined TV campaign range accounted for 4,000,000 viewers), and leading nationwide radio networks (total radio campaign range reached an audience of 6,250,000).

More than a dozen native features presenting Onet 4.0 from the perspective of various mobile app users were published on all portals of Onet-RAS Polska Group. 


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