Young Post - Junior Reporters Club

Young Post - Junior Reporters Club

South China Morning Post

New Territories, Hong Kong

Category Print Readership or Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

Junior Reporters write it and tell their friends about it. Their friends, read it and share it.

How does it work?

With YP editorial team - Junior reporters meet up with Young Post’s editorial team to discuss ideas, learning how to pitch story ideas, organise interviews and photos for their stories.

Junior Reporters Club Workshop - Young Post organises workshops for JRs on public holidays and during school breaks.

Work like in a real newsroom - They may be assigned a story to work on.

Submit stories they found interesting - When JRs find an interesting story, they can pitch, write, document it in photos / videos, then submit to Young Post team. 

Results for this campaign

Junior Reporters Club engaged a group of budding reporters, who shared a passion for storytelling in social media, blogs, online and print news content platforms. They honed for English writing skills and built up a loyal fan base among Young Post’s target audience.

To celebrate these enthusiastic young reporters, Young Post created “Young Post Junior Reporters Award 2016”. 


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