The Animated and Interactive New Paper
2017 Finalist

The Animated and Interactive New Paper

Singapore Press Holdings Limited

Singapore, Singapore

Category Print Advertising

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

• To excite and engage readers and advertisers of the print newspapers.

• To enhance the reading experience of the print-format newspapers.

• To grow readership of the print-format newspapers through digital platform.

• To grow print advertisement revenue.

Results for this campaign

• Ability to garner additional 20% revenue or more for animation of print ads.

• More readers download the app to read the e-paper due to its innovative interactive and animation features.  The app install base is about 40% of the number of print circulation copies.

• More readers’ engagement as they share and store advertisements and news articles.  An average of 20% of readers on its e-paper app use these features.

• Increase responses for advertisers as it is made quicker and easier for readers to response to advertisements.  An average of 10% of readers on its e-paper app contacted advertisers using these features.

• Print ads continue to be relevant and contribute to a significant share of revenue as more readers continue to read the print-format newspapers on mobile devices.

• The animation and interactivity features were developed in-house and have been awarded 2 patents, the first for Singapore Press Holdings Ltd.


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