2017 Finalist

The Hindu Tamil - Tamil Nadu Election Campaign 2016

Kasturi & Sons Ltd

Chennai, India

Category Public Relations and Community Service

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

  • To be a socially responsible newspaper in promoting the importance of voting and encourage readers to vote via various platforms- print/social/TV etc.
  • To educate and inspire first time voters via various contest and Townhall sessions 
  • To help and guide readers/users in making a well-informed decision in casting their votes with the exclusive microsite which acted as a progress card for the contesting candidates
  • To develop and sustain the microsite even post elections and helping public, measure the efficiency of the winning candidates’ performance (what was promised versus what is done presently)

Results for this campaign

The Tamil Nadu Assembly Election VCampaign 2016 was a huge success reaching people of various age groups, and resulting in the following: 

  • The extensive promotion and reader engagement gained momentum, and attained enormous popularity 

  • We touched more than 70,000 people through the reader engagement contests/activities we ran

  • We reached 20,000+ first time voters across nine colleges through the on ground activities that were conducted 

  • Photos and video content insisting on exercising the right to vote created a good impact among readers 

  • Videos related to the elections which were published on YouTube gained an overall of 64,000+ views 

  • The campaign reached more than 1 Lakh likes during the seven week period starting from April 1st to May 20th 

  • The readers were updated and engaged due to the live updates from various digital platforms 
    • The Hindu Tamil promoted this exclusive website on social media, while The Hindu focused on providing extensive election round-up coverage for four weeks leading up to the elections.  Over 20 million people were engaged through the group’s web forums over a 10 day period around the elections, and a record breaking two million+ page views were garnered on a single day. The Hindu Tamil website created a new milestone with viewers spending an average of 4.5 minutes per session on the elections pages. 


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