2017 Finalist


De Persgroep

Kobbegem, Belgium

Category Launch of a Brand or Product to Create An Audience Segment

Overview of this campaign

Topics, an innovative digital newsconcept, included for subscribers of Newsbrands. Topics allows them to search and follow favorite topics out of 13 newspapers.

Topics was created to engage subscribers and give them more value for money, and in the long term to reduce churn.

We launched Topics in June 2016 to subscribers in Belgium and the Netherlands and aired an awareness TV commercial in December in Belgium.


Campaign objectives:

  • Position Topics as an innovative product to a broader audience.
  • Explain the product. It’s quiet a technical story. Log-in is necessairy to discover the product.
  • increase awareness and onboardings. Get 10% of the subscibers onboarded by the end of 2016.


121 communication: emailings and ads: June till November+ awareness campaign in Belgium in December. concept:  We used a metaphor of a magnet that attracts subjects or topics you’re really interested in.

Results for this campaign

TV commercial:

Posttesting of the TV campaign showed us that “innovative and clearness” was significant higher.

onboardings: 28% of the De Morgen subscibers onboarded (objective 20%)

11.4% of Het Laatste Nieuws subscibers onboarded (objective 14%)

Overall Belgium-The Netherlands we have 12% subscibers onboarded (objective 10%)

 on 31-12-2016 



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