Schibsted Creation Suite: Eliminating legacy workflows and empowering innovation
2017 Winner

Schibsted Creation Suite: Eliminating legacy workflows and empowering innovation

Schibsted Media Group

Stockholm, Sweden

Category Culture and People

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Overview of this campaign

In selecting tools for a new, digital only newsroom, Schibsted realized that existing newsroom tools were built around legacy print process, and constrained the team to those processes. Fragmented solutions existed for some modern, digital newsroom needs, but it would be difficult to teach the newsroom how to use all of those tools or develop consistent habits around them. A cohesive suite would be easier to learn and more habit forming.

Meanwhile, the industry threat to publishing became clearer and clearer: our business models and editorial freedom are under attack. A strategy formed within Schibsted for developing a cohesive platform that would enable our newsrooms to thrive in the digital age, with the foundational component being a newsroom toolset called the Creation Suite. 

The toolset was developed in close collaboration with journalists and project managers across all of our newsrooms. The newsrooms understood the need for change and were active partners in identifying new ways of working and opportunities for improvement.

The Creation Suite offers:

  • a pleasant and easy to learn, easy to use interface
  • more efficient and effective digital storytelling
  • agile workflows without arbitrary approval processes
  • easy identification and reuse of existing content with proper attribution
  • data driven innovation and decisions within the newsroom
  • more personalized reader experiences, while retaining editorial control
  • a foundation to build upon 

Results for this campaign

"More importantly, the editorial team reports that [the Creation Suite] is a major step forward. Yesterday was not only a technological shift but also marked a complete change in both organization and workflow." - Espen Egil Hansen, Editor in chief, CEO Aftenposten, referring to the launch of the Creation Suite in Aftenposten in 2016

The Creation Suite consists of 6 different tools, which have each fostered innovation in the newsroom in their own way:

  • Discover: By making it easy to reference and reuse this content, with proper attributions in place, Discover enabled Omni, a Swedish niche site, to deliver on their promise to cover “All news. All Perspectives. In an app.” with a total newsroom of only 15 people. 
  • Create: Enabled experimentation with placing media in new locations within an audience, and identifying what best satisfies readers.
  • Create: “One good measure that people like the CMS: A lot more of the reporters are using more of the different formating and editing tools, and adding components like images, video and third party content like twitter, instagram and interactive elements themselves.” - project manager at Aftonbladet
  • Engage: Helped journalists identify opportunities for more effective link to historic content and drove up recirculation metrics by 2-3x
  • Curate: The underlying platform has enabled experiments in automation and personalization of the front page, with the goal of building a tool that makes front page editing easier, while maintaining editorial responsibility.

Perhaps most importantly, journalists now feel empowered to influence their tools and ways of working, and are now more inclined to look for opportunities to improve.



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