2017 Winner

Plebiscite on the scale: casting a conscientious vote

El Colombiano

Envigado, Colombia

Category Public Relations and Community Service

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

  • Analysis and generation of new and massive strategies, wich will have a positive impact on the audiences. 
  • Generate journalistic presence and community participation.
  • Strengthen the company’s internal dynamics
  • Publish informative and educational inserts
  • A series de interviews with top level experts of the most representative
  • Strengthen and expand links whith younger audiences.
  • Empower audiences about their own opinions.
  • Support the hearings with analytical and pluralistic content, on the desicion that could enn 50 years of armed conflict in the country.

Results for this campaign


  • Empowerment of massive spaces such as the Museum of Art of the city to open to the public discusion.
  • Journalistic presence and participation by the communities most affected by the armed conflict with
  • A series of interviews with top level experts some of the most representative.
  • Articles written by 126 analysts and expert on the topics related to the process were published. Some 30 universities and institutions interested in the topic of peace took part.
  • Special educational inserts about the pacts between Farc and The Government were Published.
  • 6 streaming on the day of the plebiscite from different polling places. Audience 200.000.
  • Conversation with The Government´s head negotiator. Audience total: 26.549
  • Number of views for educational videos illustrating each of the items in the agreement. Audience: 82.301
  • Number of clicks on each item of the agreement published and explained on line. Audience total: 55.236


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