Songs of Violence
2017 Finalist

Songs of Violence

O Estado de S. Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil

Category Mobile

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

To start the debate, we first needed to identify the songs. A female music curator was invited to help us building the database while mapping the songs to cases of violence according to the law. The list had more than 300 titles, with billions of plays on video and audio streaming platforms.

The idea was to impact young audiences between 15 and 30 years old at the very moment in which they are searching for a song they liked. We chose the app that was ideal to do that: Shazam.

Whenever the user tries to identify a song containing violence against women, he gets an alert about it. Then, he listens to a real testimonial of a woman who has been on an identical situation such as in the lyrics. 

Results for this campaign

High engagement level: the message was really relevant and in context for the media.
63% of the users who clicked the banner listened to the testimonial.
Only 6% of the users proceeded to download / buy / stream the song after listening to the testimonial.
Direct impact on over 1 MILLION users.


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