Forbes with KPMG – The Great Rewrite
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Forbes with KPMG – The Great Rewrite

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Overview of this campaign

In July 2016, KPMG partnered with Forbes’ BrandProductionsto showcase KPMG’s deep expertise across industries and institutions in an exciting, unexpected format. In going beyond being recognized as a global leader in advisory services, KPMG’s goal is to drive brand awareness and brand lift of KPMG’s subject matter expertise and their Anticipate Tomorrow. Deliver Today campaign to their target audience of senior business executives.

Inspired by Anticipate Tomorrow. Deliver Today, Forbes and KPMG developed The Great Rewrite, a custom, multi-platform program that answers the question: Can a Big Four auditor rewrite the planet’s operating system?  Through a partnership with entrepreneur, futurist and author Leonard Brody, award-winning production firm Efran Films, Forbes Brand Productions and KPMG subject matter experts, The Great Rewrite serves as the blueprint for business leaders to join in on the revolution. Equal parts chapter-driven feature-length documentary and a seven-month interactive cross-platform narrative, The Great Rewrite uncovers rewriters and actionable takeaways across key KPMG industries that move beyond the era of innovation and disruption.

By partnering with Forbes, KPMGleveraged Forbes’ reach to senior business executives through an interactive, video-driven landing page, elegant in-book cover executions and spreads with industry rewriters and KPMG subject matter experts. The Great Rewrite continued the conversation through social video cuts, intimate film screenings and panel discussions and the Forbes Healthcare Summit showcasing the rewriters rippling across industries and institutions, fundamentally altering the way our species lives.

Forbes and KPMG partnered together to reshape the perception of KPMG to senior business executives with a cross-platform documentary-driven journey across video, digital, social, print and in-person events. At the heart of this goal – reach the business leaders in a format that would be unexpected from a Big Four auditor whilst showcasing the expertise of their subject matter experts across industries.


Results for this campaign

The Great Rewrite allowed senior business leaders to evolve and embrace tomorrow’s world. More importantly, we gave the world a first-hand look at how KPMG is anticipating tomorrow and delivering today.

To date, The Great Rewrite and KPMGVoice earned 1.1 Million Pageviews and 144 Million Brand Impressions. KPMG also achieved 96,000 video views.   KPMG was the #1 U.S.-based Forbes BrandVoice campaign for content shares on Facebook in 2016 with 10K shares (even though the campaign launched halfway through the year). KPMG was also successful in engaging with C-Suites through this campaign. Of note, the CEO of Cisco retweeted a KPMGVoice article, see: and several other high-level executives at companies such as Deloitte and Salesforce also shared KPMG’s content.

From there, Forbes also set out to measure the impact of The Great Rewrite and KPMGVoice posts through systemic brand lift and perception throughout our program.

The Results:

  • Those exposed to The Great Rewrite on were 89% more likely to view KPMG very favorably 

  • And the more times they were exposed, the better. People exposed to The Great Rewrite were 120% more likely to view it very favorably compared to the control

  • On average, print readers who remembered seeing the KPMG BrandVoice executions were +28% more likely to rate KPMG "Excellent/Very Good" among professional services companies versus readers who had not seen the execution.

  • Overall, KPMG was able to reach their desired audience at scale—and the audience was highly engaged with both the content, and the ads on the pages. 

More importantly, we gave senior business executives a first-hand look at how KPMG is anticipating tomorrow and delivering today.


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