The Gamification of Advertising Sales for Revenue Growth
2017 Winner

The Gamification of Advertising Sales for Revenue Growth

Jagran Prakashan Ltd

New Delhi, India

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

Nobody waits for festivals like the newspaper industry.


Advertising spends are at their peak during the Diwali festive time in India. The period accounts for 11.6% of the Annual Volumes for the Hindi Newspaper in Dainik Jagran’s competitive set. Naturally, it’s the time of the year when newspapers get into an aggressive ad sales mode.




The category during this period is commoditized by many newspapers offering huge discounts.




Dainik Jagran, India’s leading newspaper also needed to grab the opportunity to scale-up its ad space bookings, but without hampering its imagery of a leader. Which means we couldn’t blindly get into the discount war.


The objectives were

1. To increase our revenues during the festive period, compared to last year

2. To increase our market share during the festive period


The Big Idea



Media Buyers are practical and left-brained – as is anyone who deals with numbers. But they have a weak spot – games of chance. Because they are so good mathematically, there is an inherent belief that they can beat the odds in any game of chance.


And through a happy coincidence, this is also the time of the year when games of chance are high on everyone’s consciousness. It is rooted in the cultural belief that during Diwali, it is almost auspicious to gamble as it signifies that you are leaving the doors open for Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) to come in. Gambling then has a widespread social sanction.



We did something that no one had ever heard or seen before. Instead of a regular festival discount plan we created a unique game. A game of chance that challenged the left-brained media buyer.

A game… that would tickle their right brains.

A game… that would challenge their expertise with numbers.

A game… that had tremendous amount of thrill involved.

This was Casino Grande

Results for this campaign


We created a unique game “Casino Grande” to sell advertising packages.


For a change, instead of negotiating an ad deal, Media Buyers played a game to get the best deal. The game had 3 levels of deals – Casino Entry, Casino Central and Casino Exit, each level with multiple ad sales packages.

CREATING MYSTERY AROUND THE GAME : To generate curiosity, all communication only invited the buyers to Casino Grande, but did not divulge the details of the deal. To know the deal, the Media Buyer had to sit across the table with Dainik Jagran sales representatives and play the game. This gave us valuable and uninterrupted time with the buyer during the peak festive period.

The game was promoted through direct activation in agencies. Buyers were primed to gamble. Instant on –the-spot prizes were given away to winners. The market was excited and wanted to know more beyond the mystery.


-        45 deals were signed up through the game generating a revenue of INR 250 million

-        Dainik Jagran was already the Market Share leader. Our market share grew further from 23.2% in 2015 to 24.9% in 2016.

-        Dainik Jagran’s Ad volume during the deal period increased by 8% over same period last year as against the category growth of 0.4%

-        Our advertising volume growth was 1.8 mn square centimetres. Newspapers ranked No.2 and 3 had a volume loss in comparable markets over the same period.

-        In a crowded market, the Dainik Jagran sales representatives got dedicated quality time and steered the Media Buying discussions away from “haggling” for discounts  to “earning” discounts by playing a game.

-        It was a clutter breaking scheme – that did everything it set out to achieve for the brand:

  • Our advertising volumes growth outpaced the category by a factor of 20X
  • Our Market Share Increased and consolidated further
  • It positioned Dainik Jagran as an innovative brand


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