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2017 Finalist

More Valuable

News Corp Australia - Brisbane Metro Sales Team

Bowen Hills, Australia

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Overview of this campaign

The challenge was to shift how media buyers thought about the role newspaper advertising can play in their media plan during the channel planning process.

The evaluation metric applied by media buyers was one-dimensional: cost per thousand (CPM).  With declining readership, the value to buyers and advertisers was declining. We needed to:

1) Understand what media buyers thought of the role newspapers in the channel planning process

2) Identify what criteria they used to guide their channel planning

3) Introduce other metrics to decouple the value equation from a single focus on audience and show a change in consumption

4) Develop a trade narrative that could be easily communicated and adapted to different markets and sectors.


Media Buyer Research:

News Corp Australia in Queensland approached our media agency to get an understanding of 1) and 2).  They conducted a series of focus groups in their Brisbane office with their media buyers, and conducted a national survey within their 5 offices of 109 media buyers.  It was clear that the young media buyers had negative feelings about newspapers:

“There is no role for newspapers and no- one reads them” is a summary of the out-takes.

There were three main criteria used during the channel planning process and against each of these there was a lack of understanding by media buyers:



Media Buyer Perception

Size of Audience:

No-one reads them and the audience is in free fall

Ability to influence outcomes:

Newspapers have no influence

Ability to work with other media:

Newspapers don’t work with other media

Results for this campaign

Increasing Confidence in Newspapers

 There was little understanding about how newspaper consumption had changed. We referred to the long standing Australia Scan research, conducted by Quantium, which measures confidence in media.  We re-ran data and filtered by “people who read newspapers”, and discovered that this confidence was INCREASING and these newspaper readers were “most positive” about advertising in newspapers over all other media.

This concept was supported by emma research, conducted by Ipsos, which showed that in every category newspaper readers were finding newspapers the most useful medium. 

Our Narrative 


Newspaper audiences are MORE VALUABLE than ever before because people who (still) read newspapers are MORE confident in the medium, leaning MORE forward, and finding it MORE useful for every category, and this more than outweighs the slight decreases in audience.

MORE VALUALBE has three dimensions: Scale, Influence and Team Work

Using Data to Develop an Influence Metric

As part of MORE VALUABLE narrative, we developed an Influence Metric by combining the results from selected questions in the emma engagement survey to deliver a score under the 4 key campaign types - Inform/Educate, Change Perceptions, Change Behaviour, Take Direct Action (most campaigns have one of these as their goal).  Combining this score for any demographic and title, with the audience level, we developed a matrix to guide how media buyers could use newspapers for any scenario.


Audience Scale

Audience research presented was shown over a one year period to demonstrate that, in fact, readership was “flat” (ie less than -5%), and surprising facts, such as half of our audience is under 45, made media buyers question their understanding of newspaper audiences.


Case Studies Demonstrating “Team Player”

Case studies on effectiveness measures when newspapers are combined with other media demonstrated how the media can work together on a media plan.  Additionally, a bespoke econometric model: to demonstrate that the impact that newspapers had on sales and enquiries was INDIRECT, accounting for half of all attributed search outcomes.


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