Hey Mumma and OMO
2017 Winner

Hey Mumma and OMO

News Regional Media

Fortitude Valley, Australia

Category Marketing Solutions for Advertising Clients

Overview of this campaign

To create a new lifestyle environment with video content catering to mums with kids, and in doing this, allowing our brand partner OMO Laundry Liquid (Unilever) to leverage the platform to re-launch their premium laundry product, OMO Ultimate, and drive key brand metrics and ultimately, sales across regional markets.

Results for this campaign


Great audience results with fantastic engagement, resulting in Hey Mumma continuing as a parenting and lifestyle section in print and online.

Print: Reached 575,000 readers each week across the 6 weeks

Online: Reached 825,000 uniques with 319,000 article reads, and an average read time of 1 minute 48 seconds per article.

Video: Generated 622,000 streams across all platforms

Social Media: Impacting 1.6 million Facebook feeds, with an average post engagement of 4.5%, being 4x higher than our industry average

Competition: Generated over 13,000 entries for people to win a cleaner for a year



Through our brand tracking survey and OMO sales results, the campaign was a resounding success with key metrics all rising and sales all over-achieving targets

Top Of Mind Awareness: increased TOM awareness for OMO by over 26%

Brand Affinity: Increase positive brand sentiment over 43%

Consideration: Consideration for OMO as a brand rose over 200%

Advocacy: Doubled over the campaign period

Action: 50% of mums took action as a result of seeing the campaign

Sales: Major increases in OMO Ultimate sales within campaign markets and in some regions over 100% increases on target. (Actual results can’t be disclosed due to Unilever confidentiality agreement).

Client Testimonial: See testimonial in PDF pack attached.


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