Headline Coffee: Because coffee and the newspaper just make sense
2017 Finalist

Headline Coffee: Because coffee and the newspaper just make sense

Toronto Star

Toronto, Canada

Category New Concept to Incubate Products or Ideas

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Overview of this campaign

  • Communicating benefits of Headline Coffee to drive subscriptions
  • Monetize existing audience in new ways
  • Drive a new source of revenue that builds on known audience interests
  • Build a new business leveraging SMG core competencies in new ways, including:
    • Subscription management expertise
    • Content marketing capability
    • Distribution/ shipping network


Results for this campaign

Why the name? Headline Coffee is brought to you by the Toronto Star, but gives us expansion opportunities beyond our core reader base.

  • Priced at C$20 a month (about US$15.50), subscribers choose between ground and whole bean, with a new interesting coffee delivered each month. Our primary offering is a re-occurring credit card subscription, but we also make term subscriptions available, especially on a gifting basis.
  • Leveraging the beauty of our new brand and packaging, our marketing communication progressed from brand introduction to the presentation of features and benefits, on to lifestyle positioning and then holiday gifting in time for Christmas.
  • To communicate the benefits of the service and drive subscriptions, we utilized in-paper advertisements, sponsored content in both print and online, digital advertising across Star-owned properties, contesting, email, and direct mail campaigns. Hand promoters, show kiosks and partnerships with complimentary subscription box products were also utilized to create buzz around this new offering.
  • While single-serve pods are the largest growing segment for coffee consumption, ethically sourced, high-quality coffee beans remain very popular. Boomers, who represent a large portion of our readership, appreciate a good cup of coffee and have the means to pay. The products we offer are consistent with the values of the Toronto Star and align perfectly with our readership base.
  • Headline Coffee was received positively by Toronto Star readership and generated buzz throughout Toronto’s local media.
  • The introduction of Headline Coffee provided us with an opportunity to diversify our revenue base and monetize an existing audience in a new way. It’s early days, but in 2017 we expect to deliver over 7000 lbs of Headline Coffee, helping readers Wake Up To Better Mornings.




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