U.S. Presidential Election: a disaggregated mobile coverage

U.S. Presidential Election: a disaggregated mobile coverage

Clarín AGEA

Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Category Mobile

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Overview of this campaign

We were aware of the global momentum gained by a historical race to the U.S. presidency and the huge interest in the election our mobile users were having. The idea was to satisfy that interest but considering the need of mobile coverage innovation to attend the changes in news consumption habits. We started from this basic observation: Not every user is engaging with mobile devices & media, with news content and with the Clarín brand in the same way. So we developed a disaggregated mobile coverage model, by which we intended to serve during the election the different types of user engagement in different mobile platforms with content specifically produced and distributed for the user engaged with Clarín in each platform.

  • To the occasional reader in the open web we’d offer a homepage curated by mobile-minded journalists in the moment.

  • To users who look for entertainment and interaction in information, we’d develop a responsive web-bot that answers questions with Trump’s quotes.

  • To users loyal to our brand, who expect us to inform them when needed, we’d send breaking news alerts to our apps.

  • To our social followers, who involve in conversations on the news, we’d share with them live first-hand accounts of the events by our correspondents through Facebook Live.

  • And to the most interested in the election, those ‘news fans’ avid for content, we’d satisfy them with many multimedia messages in a special Messenger subscription service.

Results for this campaign

  • Mobile unique browser and visits to Clarin.com were at an all time record.

  • Only on November 9th: 2 million unique browsers and 5 million page views in the website.

  • 70K page views in the “Ask Trump” bot page.

  • More than 230K mobile devices received each of the push notifications.

  • More than 240K views of Facebook Live videos.

  • Between 180K-400K users reached by each Facebook Live video.

  • 2K fans got messages about the election through Messenger during more than 17 hours non-stop.

  • Many organizational learnings and impact on the reporting culture towards a mobile-first way of media work.


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