VN – Brand Initiative for SMBs
2017 Finalist

VN – Brand Initiative for SMBs


Schwarzach, Austria

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

The “Vorarlberger Nachrichten” (VN) newspaper builds with its “Brand Initative for SMBs” on its local focus and its relationship to local advertisers. In combination with our editorial product “VN-Lokal” we were able to grow regional print revenues YOY. Against all odds.

Non-traditional SMB clients are enabled to do their own media plans and decide with their team when to do their advertising flights – like large companies do.

With an expansion of local reporting VN’s editorial team not only bucked the trend but created in close teamwork with the ad department a highly attractive surrounding for local businesses. “VN-Lokal” is a double page with hyperlocal news, printed for each district. It is published three days per week and shows the variety of the regions of Austria’s westernmost state Vorarlberg.

In combination with VN’s structured sales concept “VN Brand Initiative” we could win over 180 new regional businesses as customers. Customers who have not advertised in our newspaper before.

Our regional ad revenues are the heart of our monetization strategy. An anchor that will have a long-ranging positive effect on our news operations. The success of our advertisers are in the center of our attention.

Results for this campaign

Small and medium businesses that have not advertised in VN were our targets.

First step was the qualification of the potential customers through structured questions. 850 Interviews were conducted by our ad sales team to learn more about our potential customers who have not used our marketing channels for their success.

Then we invited those customers to our event “How to raise brand awareness”, more than 300 business owners agreed. Within one week we had 25 events in five cities.

An entertaining presentation explained how brands are created, we showed video testimonials by our existing customers – and we showed how local businesses can profit from our offerings throughout the year.

We offered to those business owners a crossmedia-package that is running for 12 months, with weekly or bi-weekly ads in the VN-newspaper around the “VN-Lokal”-stories and with a local targeting on our online portal VOL.AT.

Additional jokers enable the customers to double the ad size or use the editor-in-chief’s morning newsletter to announce their services.

The results had been more than 250 sold packages. Our regional sales team achieved an additional revenue of up to 15% of the total regional ad revenue. And we have more pre-booked revenue than ever in our books.

The newspaper is a healthy product with attractive journalistic stories – and attractive ads by local business. “VN-Lokal” pages have been sold out since we started in June 2016.


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