Fairfax Media - Instant Access to Premium Content for Australian Businesses
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Fairfax Media - Instant Access to Premium Content for Australian Businesses

Fairfax Media

Sydney, Australia

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Overview of this campaign

Fairfax had developed a product that met the needs and values of individual consumer subscribers, but not businesses, ultimately trying to fit a consumer product into a business world.

We made the commitment to listen to the needs of Australian businesses and understand how they wanted to access content across The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Our objectives were to:

- Improve customer experience for Australian corporate businesses

- Create a suite of subscription products to cater to the various requirements of Australian businesses

- Grow paid digital subscribers and revenue

- Develop a platform to monitor the increase in average time spent on site by companies with subscriptions

The overall objective was to improve the experience of accessing Fairfax content in a corporate environment. 

Fairfax identified that the key need for B2B customers was ease of access, followed by a demonstrated return on investment. Thus, instead of trying to make a consumer solution fit in a corporate world, we adapted our approach and focussed solely on access.

Our response was multi-pronged. To increase brand awareness and attract new business we launched the ‘See Every Article as an Opportunity’ campaign through print and digital channels as well as activations.

Then, instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach to product, we created a flexible suite of products from which customers could choose the best fit for their needs. These included:

  1. Site Licence: Hassle-free digital access for every employee on an organisation’s network, with no need for passwords or email addresses.
  2. Enterprise Licence: Unlimited digital access for organisations, across all devices. Subscriptions are verified by a business email address meaning they can be accessed from any location.
  3. Group Subscriptions: Print or Digital subscriptions for a group of nominated employees.

Customers could choose from the suite of products depending on their business priorities, meaning that everyone had seamless access to content.

The second customer need we were aiming to address was showing return on investment for businesses. Our approach to this was to create the Site Licence dashboard which allowed businesses to track staff subscription activation and usage. Not only did this allow them to determine ROI, it also created a transparent relationship between Fairfax and corporate subscribers, and allowed for each business to create a bespoke subscription solution based on their analytics. 

Results for this campaign

By taking a creative approach to corporate subscriptions, since March we have seen an increase in our corporate footprint into Australian businesses by 45%.

As per the objectives:

  • 50% year-on-year increase in B2B Digital Subscription revenue.
  • 900% increase in traffic to Corporate Subscriptions website in first 3 months since launch.
    • There has been an increase of more than 20,000 subscribers since launching the See Every Article as an Opportunity campaign in March 2016
  • For Site Licence users in the financial services industry, time spent on the AFR has increased by 800% 
  • For Site Licence users within Government bodies, time spent on the AFR has increased by 500%
  • There are now 38 Australian businesses with a Site Licence 

As one client said, “I love this licence. All of my team can now get access to the news and information they need without having to each take out a subscription or remember a password every time they log on.” (Keith Barks, General Manager, Informa). 


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