Local Mittmedia takes the lead on live news video in Sweden
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Local Mittmedia takes the lead on live news video in Sweden


Gävle, Sweden

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Overview of this campaign

The Live video hub is formed by two stationary units, that contains master control rooms and two broadcast studios. The crew consists of six co-workers, all operating as anchors/producers, as well as facilitators in ad hoc situations, towards the 550 journalists working in MittMedia.

The hub was created in january 2016 and the endeavor has provided the company with completely new possibilities and tremendous results within the expansion of using live video content in local media. Prior to the hub, no way near all broadcasts were executed and actually half of the transmissions (50 percent) was a failure, often due to technical issues. The quality of the content was often far from constant and usually poor in terms of diversification.

Today the live news transmissions goes from the field to the hub, where the coaching takes place. Also, the broadcast is enforced with a news anchor and the possibility to enhance the transmission with graphics, maps, visuals and phone interviews. The broadcasts are supervised and can be controlled by a producer and the publisher has a possibility to make decisions during the transmission.

The number of live-broadcasts supported by the hub are constantly increasing and the quality on our live video is higher, the content better and the most revolutionary fact is that the number of failed transmissions are below one percent.

Results for this campaign

Since the start of the Live video hub a lot have happened.

All of the 550 reporters in MittMedia are trained to broadcast live and can, with the aid of the hub, transmit with a range of different broadcasting tools.

During 2016 MittMedia had over one million live video streams. Even more viewers watched the recorded replay material after the broadcasts, due to reruns and the packaging of the material, according to the 10/90 model.

The Live video hub has contributed to an increased focus on online video within the entire company. During 2015-2016 the number of started online video-streams increased with 61 percent, from 17.7 million to 28.5.

The strength of the hub has been extra obvious in broadcasts from larger sports events and in the breaking news situations, when several teams has provided the customers with rapid news coverage. For example, the case when a married couple, in the region of Hälsingland, was murdered in their vacation home the day before christmas eve, or when the complete coastline of Norrland was incapacitated due to black ice, as well as when a water leak contaminated the entire city of Gävle for days on end. Due to the live video hub, MittMedia are on the same rapid level as the networks, with only one difference – we are able to be where the action is.


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