We turned patients into zombies: The Lobotomy

We turned patients into zombies: The Lobotomy

Ekstra Bladet

Copenhagen , Denmark

Category Digital Audience Usage and Engagement

Overview of this campaign

1: Showcasing our paid content as extraordinary digital experiences
- Have as many of our current subscribers to read and interact with the project
- Use the project to show new subscribers the quality of our paid content

2: Establish a creative benchmark for our biggest projects
- Experiment with form and how we tell stories. Use the analogue elements and workflow to create a more immersive story.
- Create a future reference for other digital projects where journalist, designers and developers will work together.

3: Create a debate about the medical experiments and how to deal with the past
- Make the readers aware, that Denmark was the country where most people per capita were lobotomised.
- Confront the politicians about how to deal with the past

Results for this campaign

The project was launched during a weekend for subscribers followed by a campaign for new subscribers with several free articles leading up to the whole project.

See the full project here: https://goo.gl/dTNEdq

50% of our current subscribers (20.000 out of 40.000) read the project, and spend a lot more time in browsing around then usual (more than 4 minutes per user).

During the weekend, we had almost 400 new subscibers signing up based on the campaign around the project.

The project also resulted in a debate in the Danish Parlaiment about compensation and apology to the patients.


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