Irish Independent 1916 Centenary Coverage

Irish Independent 1916 Centenary Coverage

Irish Independent

Dublin 1, Ireland

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Overview of this campaign

The objectives outlined in early 2015 for the year ahead included:

-       Being the destination of choice for audiences seeking media content on Ireland’s centenary celebrations

-       Develop trusted, relevant, educational & entertaining content and deliver them in brilliant formats.

-       Engage with multiple interest groups across our platforms

-       Drive traffic, registration and engagement ( 1916 hub, 24hours UGC)

-       Drive circulation revenues and market share.

-       Drive advertising and sponsorship revenues (Ireland 2016, Thomas Meagher Foundation)

-       Engage with our readers off our platforms at events (1916 Remembrance 5k)

-       Seek to develop new retail and e-tail revenue (Independent Archives)

Results for this campaign

A valuable partnership with the Ireland 2016 Project Office, with agreed objectives for the year was launched in October 2015.

From there, the Irish Independent provided national coverage of the 1916 commemorations with fascinating content, through a vast range of value added products in the newspaper.

Circulation increased across the board each time a product was published:

Youth and Imagination Programme Guide: 13.5% increase

The introduction of the 10-part 1916 Collection supplements increased circulation on thursdays by an average of over 8.8% over the 10 weeks of publication. Government funded copies were also delivered to every school in the counrty ensureing the collection was in the hands of every schoolchild. An average of 7000 extra copies were also sold to schools at a reduced price below the line across the 10 weeks.

The Irish Independent 2016 Calendar: 19.2% increase

The 7-part Centenary Papers series: average of 8.1% increase

Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme Easter Events Guide  - March 5th: 1.4% increase

Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme Easter Events Map - March 26th: 10% increase

24 hours in Ireland photography campaign resulted in 13887 entries from readers.

Magazine created a copy uplift of 15000 copies and over 50000 visitors to the webpage.

Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme Review Magazine completed 2016, looking back on the events that had taken place across the country and the world.

This entry demonstrates how sponsorship can be used to address a specific business issue, but also how the inventive implementation of a sponsorship can be used to unlock direct commercial benefits from the brand.

The partnership with Ireland 2016 created many "win-win" opportunities; increased circulation for the Irish Independent and awareness for Ireland 2016's Centenary Programme


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