FT.com new website
2017 Finalist

FT.com new website

Financial Times

London, United Kingdom

Category Launch of a Brand or Product to Create An Audience Segment

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Overview of this campaign

- Increase revenues through retention and acquisition by increasing engagement score (internal metric, RFV, that closely correlates with retention)

- Increase ads revenues 

- Increase readers satisfaction

- Provide the newsroom with a flexible pltaform to best tell their stories. 

4 key initiatives stood out:

  1. Speed: after an AB test demonstrated that every second the site is faster equals 5% engagement uplift and millions of pounds, we were brutal about speed. Today FT.com is the fastest publisher site in the world: median users can start reading after 1.3 seconds on desktop and 2 on mobile.

  2. Personalisation: myFT is a feature that allows users to follow topics and receive a personalised feed on their homepage, email and browser. It has been adopted by 25% of users, pushing their engagement score by a whopping 35%.

  3. Design: FT.com is consistent across devices, much more simplified and cleaner, so users are focused on the content. Engagement on mobile devices has increased by 106%.

  4. Development process: We work lean, with small quick iterations in a customer- and data-rich environment. We released the site over the course of 11 months, starting small and adding more users over time, collecting feedback and adjusting accordingly as we went. The team meets customers every week, and we developed an internal analytics system and AB test tool.

Results for this campaign

  1. +30% in engagement score (based on volume of articles and frequency and recency of visits). Retention and acquisition have been improved, equaling 2.4M£ of incremental revenues (above what would have been achieved without the new site).

  2. +18% ads inventory, offsetting the natural decline on desktop, with outstanding viewability rate of 72%.

  3. Higher audience satisfaction (NPS). Less than 2% of users were unhappy with the site and no cancellation has been recorded.

  4. A flexible platform that allowed the newsroom to respond quickly to news (like Brexit).



The FT has a definition of an engaged user, based on the Engagement score (RFV). When a user hits a specific score his/her likelihood of renewing the subscription is very high. The graph below shows a clear correlation between the release of the new site and an increase in the number of engaged user. The new site has contributed a similar uplift to the one caused by Brexit. But unlike Brexit, the new site impact is perpetual and number do not decline.

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/Rmpd6J2cHYQlObFHe-fgd3Svc-AcCmDSyhn8Y1igZ3X1u5AjrHltSNTTYhfF-PdmXNv1ao1T8ICEh_pQdKDwL88DUR_fal89V9UUX2TQDjIjpDao-xAfxg5-TWeRa0wsvy4K_Wnl" alt="" width="602" height="392" />

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/yzwcqZl2glqGg_M7mQ53Z-n_Qb4bthjUMujoTCK_FtdFxf4etEgkeJZFTIkOKHs5gWbCAKAke67CR3i2t1g7NqLPDBIWsqSQhW6mbbZJ-RD0N9DKS0mwoOxUFknxiqJfxD30TdBh" alt="" width="602" height="511" />




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