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Zero Hora Social Networks

Zero Hora

Porto Alegre, Brazil

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Overview of this campaign

In order to better serve the readers and subscribers of Zero Hora on social networks, 2016 was a year of experimentations and strategic redefinitions on content delivery in the digital environment. Among the main goals of ZH on social networks, we highlight the following topics:

  • Act as a content distribution channel, respecting the business model of the product;
  • Connecting users with the brand, thus ensuring a relationship with communicators, newspaper sections and journalists through many platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other contact points in several social networks;
  • Be a channel for business opportunities, safeguarding the integrity of brands and communicators while also respecting market rules.

Today, social networks are responsible for 26% (5,882,379) of the audience traffic of the site, of that 80% comes from Facebook. One of the goals of ZH is to further consolidate the social networks as a reference in audience traffic to the Zero Hora site, and to give voice to the readers in order to receive suggestions of news stories, reports, and put even more into practice the positioning of the vehicle: Close to understand. Together to transform - which aims to contribute to the evolution of society, serve the state's people and be committed to its causes.

Results for this campaign

As the largest indication of our efforts to strengthen ZH in social media, we won the title of national engagement leader, according to the Torabit index, which measures every month how many readers like, comment and share the content from 11 Brazilian media outlets. ZH competed with media outlets from all over Brazil, its main competitor was Estadão, a national newspaper that on Facebook alone has 1 million fans more than Zero Hora.

ZH ended the year with a daily average engagement rate of 3.38% in December. Social networks of Estadão were second in the last month, with a rate of 3.22%. Torabit measures every month how many readers like, comment and share the content of 11 Brazilian media outlets. To reach the average daily rate of engagement, the platform uses the following calculation: all engagement actions of social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) are added, the value is multiplied by 100 and divided by the number of fans/followers of each day.

Among other important facts, we can consider numbers such as reaching two million fans on Facebook, representing an increase of 16.5% of the base, in relation to 2015. 55.4% increase of Twitter followers base, compared to 2015. Record engagement on Instagram in relation to domestic vehicles, more than 3,140,588 likes on pictures in 2016.

Moreover, it is possible to realize from the traffic numbers to the site originating in social networks, the significant return as a content distribution channel in 2016. The increase in site traffic from Facebook was 82% compared to 2015. On Twitter, growth has also been impressive, with 41.22% compared to 2015. In total, social networks brought 25% of the site's audience in 2016 (more than 70 million views), representing a net increase of 7% compared to 2015.


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