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Paris, France

Category New Technology to Generate Revenue and Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

  1. Validate the need with publishers: We want to partner with media and non media websites. To built an attractive offer we need a diverse bundle. We want to be like a Netflix or Spotify for media, magazines and quality web content. How many media can we reach ? What is their main concern ?

  2. Validate the need with end users: users are using adblockers, publishers are experimenting with newer subscriptions models or modernizing their paywalls, millennials consume news through social platforms. What's the tipping point that will get people to pay for a premium web experience, and how do we fit in ?

  3. Build a solid product: as a startup, we need to focus on a product with a few core features. We want Multipass to offer the best user experience. We hope to create a new link between users and publishers. What can we build to succeed ?

Results for this campaign

  1. Validate the need with publishers

Since 2013 we met more than 1000 publishers throughout Europe. We went to industry groups such as IAB, Geste, INMA, EBG … and we also worked on adblock detection for 100 websites in order to get real metrics.

The future of monetization is shaping up to be a hybrid model (ads + subscriptions). Many medias are diversifying their income based on what works best for them. Ads are great for reach but payment are best for experience. Everyone is interested by Multipass and sees it as part of the future. We mainly fit in the monetization of 18-35 year old that comes through social and block ads. We’ve hit our first milestone : we have already 20 publishers with the Multipass button totalling 10M unique visitors, 30 websites are currently installing and 90 in negotiation.


2. Validate the need with users


We went to LeWeb, Slush, Techcrunch, D3con, Republica, Vivatech where we met thousands of future users and discussed paywalls, subscriptions, banners and sponsored content. We also asked hundred of thousands of blockers if they were ready to pay to surf without ads.

25% of them said they would pay for quality websites if there was an ubiquitous way to do so, such as Multipass. They want a Netflix like experience with a level of diversity and convenience that fits their habits and a fair price.

With already more than 2000 users registered, we’ve hit our second milestone.


3. Build the product


We worked closely with publishers and a group of early adopters to design a simple, yet efficient and fair product: user pay Multipass 9,90$ per month to access the premium version of every partner. Users don’t have to install anything and the revenues are shared based on the time spent.


We developed a solution that works with every website and every adserver, including plugins for major CMS and frameworks such as WordPress and Drupal. We’re also in talks to integrate with ARC.

Users are automatically identified as premium users and login / registration are made without leaving the partner website. We even provide our Adblocker detector for free, to convert blockers to paying users. We’ve hit our third milestone: we have a product that fit publishers needs and users desires !


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