Going Where no Croatian Media has Gone Before
2017 Winner

Going Where no Croatian Media has Gone Before

24sata d.o.o.

Zagreb, Croatia

Category Product Development

Overview of this campaign

JoomBoos’ main objective, as the greatest Croatian YouTube network, was to start up the national YouTube scene by gathering the best Croatian YouTubers in one place, but also to make engaging video content for teens and millennials that they would love and get hooked on.

Our main goal wasn’t only to become a new creative platform for exciting video content, but to become the new profit center for 24sata. We also wanted to create and expand JoomBoos’s fan base with an innovative concept and content relevant to the target. The goal was also to connect with major brands to open a totally new market for their campaigns and products.

Results for this campaign

The best Croatian YouTubers and their content immediately became the part of JoomBoos and YouTube scene in Croatia started to look more lively. We focused our communication on three pillars: social media, offline promotion with Vitaly and national YouTubers. Within the first three months of the launch, we received 2.5 times more subscribers and 3.6 times more video views than estimated with over 9.6 million minutes of watch time.

We aimed to have monthly revenue of 5.000 euros in the first year, but in the first month we already achieved revenue of 13.500 euros and reached the break even point! That amazing result got us more ambitious and we projected revenue in-line with the first month result and by the end of the year we managed to double the new projected revenue. JoomBoos became a true profit center for 24sata and we were only getting started. JoomBoos immediately caught attention of numerous major advertisers (Coca-Cola, Alcatel, Huawei, T-mobile, McDonald's, Nestle, TELE2…)  that quickly wanted to become part of this innovative network.

Right from the start, JoomBoos was profitable in every month, and in December we were FULLY BOOKED, producing two sponsored videos daily. Our tailored approach to every client and making original content really paid off. The growth of JoomBoos was so big and rapid that, by the end of the first year, we expanded our brand to Austria and started similar YouTube channel – JoomBoos TV. We’ve also started a totally new and innovative Facebook based platform for bloggers and similar authors called JoomBoos Blogbuster.


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