The Book of Evidence
2017 Finalist

The Book of Evidence

Independent News & Media

Dublin, Ireland

Category Consumer Research

Overview of this campaign

Directly engage with media planners and buyers where print is not at top of mind and create mass awareness for The Book of Evidence.

  1. Utilising the effectiveness of press advertising, bring print into their world; take them on a journey that will get them to prove the power of print to themselves.
  2. Deliver new research proving the effectiveness of newspaper advertising, substantiate the overall importance of the print channel within the marketing mix and validate the return on investment newspapers provide for key industries in an experiential way.
  3. Celebrate the journey with an event that brings the Book of Evidence findings to life in an engaging and memorable way that challenges perceptions.
  4. Create mass awareness of the power of print by showcasing the human connection with print advertising.


  • Launch Book of Evidence
  • Roadshow presenting key findings.
  • Custom made interactive Book of Evidence room for industry events.
  • The Tease: Strategic unbranded personalised marketing campaign utilising press advertising with a view to revealing the Power or Print.
  • The Reveal: That INM is behind the campaign – Direction to website where guests are invited to register for an exclusive event. Two people will end their journey with a trip to Cannes 2017
  • Mass Awareness: widespread above-the-line campaign.
  • The Event:200 media agency staff in one room celebrating the Power of Print in a unique and exciting way.   From the moment guests stepped in the door they were presented with op art installations, food and drink that excited the senses alongside  a mind bending performance from Illusionist Keith Barry which would challenge perceptions and reveal that they were all there in that one room as a direct result of an Independent New & Media newspaper advertisement.


Results for this campaign


  • Utilising the power of press, delivering a bold, direct and disruptive experiential campaign, INM took the media industry on an exciting journey which allowed them to prove to themselves how essential print is in the media mix at the same time challenging the perception of a youner generation of media buyers and planners.
  • INM delivered new consumer research proving the effectivess of print advertising which througout the campaign was picked up by Irish media and caused an array of social chatter.
  • INM celebrated the journey with an event that  brought Book of Evidence findings to light in an engaging and memorale way, at the same time challenging perceptions.
  • INM created awareness of the Power of Print by showcasing the human connection with the printed product.
  • Client feedback commended INM for bringing new industry related consumer research to the market in a clever and exciting way.
  • The reveal of the campaign drove 780 page vists on
  • Following the event executed in November, year on year advertising spend for Independent News & Media Ireland ltd. during the month of December grew for three out of the four categories focussed on within the Book of Evidence:
    • Travel & Transport +8%
    • Motors +13%
    • Retail + 9%                              (Source: Nielsen 2016)

      Campaign video can be viewed at the attached video link 2.


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