Brand campaign for the launch of Berliner Morgenpost Compact - Category 7
2017 Finalist

Brand campaign for the launch of Berliner Morgenpost Compact - Category 7

Berliner Morgenpost/Funke Media Group

Berlin, Germany

Category Launch of a Brand or Product to Create An Audience Segment

Overview of this campaign

The newspaper industry is still in crisis. Publishing house advertising revenues have been in steep decline for over 15 years. Revenue from copies sold is also a problem: total circulation has been sinking for years. The introduction of the minimum wage in Germany and the associated increase in distribution costs have brought financial difficulties to more and more publishing houses. If publishing houses invest today, then it’s usually in digital media. Almost no new papers have been established; for many, print seems dead. The Funke Mediengruppe has taken the resolute step of further investing in print, and so established the foundation for a better economic future for the Berliner Morgenpost. On 31 October 2016, it launched a tabloid edition of its paper - the “Berliner Morgenpost Compact”. Thorough market research and interviews with readers who intended to cancel their subscriptions indicated that the broadsheet format was a relevant factor in their decision to cancel. The new edition of the Berliner Morgenpost in tabloid format is aimed particularly at an urban target group and the numerous commuters on public transport.  The roll-out of the compact edition has been accompanied by an umbrella brand campaign in print and online. The objective was to create a communication medium that touches as many Berliners as possible and encourages sharing. The core of the campaign is a new promotional video with the specially written and produced song “Das ist Berlin” (This is Berlin). This Berlin anthem celebrates the diversity and contrasts one finds throughout the Berlin cityscape. The accompanying music video consists of collages pieced together with many moments that accentuate the city's distinctions. The music video fits seamlessly into the brand campaign, “It’s Berlin, when...” which has been running since 2011, and is its consequent continuation. The positioning of the Berliner Morgenpost as a modern metropolitan newspaper that, with its product portfolio, offers a sense of orientation to readers as it guides them through the big city jungle, is to be further invigorated. 

Results for this campaign

The compact edition of the Berliner Morgenpost strongly demonstrates our editors’ ability to innovate. The concept of the paper is attuned to new reading habits in terms of its form, content and topicality. While the broadsheet edition starts with the customary politics and business sections, the new Berliner Morgenpost Compact edition deliberately takes another path, starting with the local Berlin section. The new product in tabloid format is issued from Monday to Friday, and has twice as many pages as the broadsheet version. The Berliner Morgenpost Compact edition contains all the content of the broadsheet edition, but with a modern layout and photo selection adapted to the new format. Initial sales figures have been very pleasing, as early as few weeks after market launch. Bucking the market trend, in the final quarter of 2016, the Berliner Morgenpost increased its retail sales by + 1.4% (compared to 2015). Customer reaction to the compact edition has been extremely positive. The Berliner Morgenpost readership is enthusiastic about the handy format, which is very comfortable to read. Existing customers are also testing the compact edition and, liking the modern format, are switching to the compact product. It is also very satisfying to win back former readers and have them return to the fold. In total, it can be said that the accompanying brand campaign achieved its objectives. The video for this Berlin anthem can be seen in cinemas around Berlin and has been watched over 1.2 million times on social media.  In the initial days following its launch, it was so widely shared that it reached a place in the Top 30 trending videos on YouTube. The well above-average completion rate and an excellent click rate suggests high user engagement. Some 68% of those surveyed liked the video of the Berliner Morgenpost, and 50% connected it with positive emotions. Berlin radio stations have also seen the hit potential of the song “This is Berlin”, putting it on rotation in their programs. 


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