Big Friendly Giant
2017 Finalist

Big Friendly Giant

Metro Toronto

Toronto, Canada

Category Print Advertising

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

  • Metro Toronto was tasked with creating impactful print advertising to coincide with Disney's promotion of the new children's film BFG (Big Friendly Giant). 
  • The campaign needed to drive awareness of the film's opening.

Results for this campaign

  • Star Metro Media took the “giant” aspect of the film to heart and created a never-been-done execution tailored specifically for the film and its audience.
  • The Big Friendly Giant (BFG) campaign launched with a BFG branded cover wrap on Metro Toronto and featured giant Metro newspaper boxes accompanied by stilt walkers reading oversized Metro newspapers.
  • Brand ambassadors in BFG branded t-shirts handed out copies of the newspaper branded with the BFG cover wrap.
  • Metro Brand Ambassadors engaged with readers informing them that the movie would be “in theatres tomorrow” while stilt walkers engaged with all passers by giving high fives and providing opportunities for selfies.
  • It was a fun filled morning to reach distribution targets across the whole campaign.



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