HT City & HT Cafe Product Refresh

HT City & HT Cafe Product Refresh

HT Media

Gurgaon, India

Category Print Readership or Engagement

Overview of this campaign

Product:  The primary objective of the campaign was to increase readership of HT City & HT Café.


Brand:  The re-launch was planned to change the positioning of the product from a mass Bollywood gossip & entertainment newspaper to a wholesome ‘Lifestyle & Entertainment’ supplement with a sharper focus on City centric content, Television , Fashion, Travel, Wellness, Food & Beverage (Over and above a heavy dose of Bollywood, Hollywood & Music). Apart from direct impact on readership, increase in ‘Brand salience’ and ‘Net Promoter Scores’ of parent brand HT as well as HT City/HT Café was our secondary objective.


Revenue: The third objective was to drive more revenues through the re-launched products.  The new product was designed & positioned in a manner that helped to create new opportunities for Brand Promotions revenue.

Results for this campaign

The campaign was a big hit and all the objectives with respect to Product, Brand as well as Revenue were met successfully. The 360 degree communication plan helped in building brand salience during the launch period.




Print – Print campaign began with teasers that generated a lot of interest. Teasers were followed by the launch ads in May and a 1 month campaign post launch focusing sharply on the content genres.

On-Ground – The launch of the new product was done at a marquee event of Hindustan Times – HT Most Stylish Awards in Delhi. The re-launch of the newspaper was done by Bollywood stalwarts Amitabh Bacchan, Akshay Kumar & Sonam Kapoor at the award ceremony in the presence of stalwarts from various industries – Bollywood, Fashion, Politics, Sports, Business, Food & Beverage, Art & Culture & the crème-de-la-crème of the country.

Radio & Digital - Campaign was also activated simultaneously. Special contests went live on Radio for creating engagements with the listeners.the Radio integrations helped us to get a lot of positive response and buzz locally.

An innovative & a glamorous Outdoor campaign was activated across the city on all key locations. Delhi Metro was used extensively to reach the masses.

Post launch, there was a positive impact on readership, NPS scores as per our reesearch tracks that are conducted on a quarterly basis and new opportunities for brand promotions content in the product helped to garner incremental revenue especially from the retail clients.


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