News Corp Australia's Digital Retail Impulse Stands
2017 Finalist

News Corp Australia's Digital Retail Impulse Stands

Advertiser Newspapers

Adelaide, Australia

Category Print Readership or Engagement

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Overview of this campaign


  • Create a new and exciting device at point of purchase to get shopper’s attention
  • Post at least four reasons to buy that newspaper in that stand that day
  • Do this using engaging visuals and short headlines
  • Above all, turn an overall YOY circulation decline into an increase – from an average YOY decline across the week of 4.2% to at least a 5% increase


Target Market

Potential newspaper customers (targeted 25+, male & female) in three key channels:

  • Retail Newsagencies
  • Petrol & Convenience
  • Supermarkets


Concept and Creativity of Design

  • Attach to a standard newspaper stand a dual-sided video screen – portrait-orientation and at eye-level for maximum attention – this can be viewed from a petrol forecourt, entering a store and while standing in front of the stand
  • Serve 4 screens daily (more are possible) that rotate for 3 seconds each
  • Each screen gives a reason to buy the newspaper that day – these can be general news, sport, gossip – but they are the four most important pieces of content to help persuade someone to buy
  • The rotating screens are refreshed daily by the marketing or editorial department, reflecting the content of the coming day.  They are created at the end of each day as the newspaper is being laid out
  • They go live each morning at 4am, when that day’s newspaper is delivered to the stand
  • Content is delivered via 3G or the store’s wifi – no involvement is required from retailers as the units are plug-and-play
  • If a big story breaks (eg. bushfire or terrorist attack) the screens can be over-ridden to direct viewers to our news website for live and rolling coverage
  • There is scope to sell one or two screens to an advertiser to help recoup costs as well as run video
  • Three prototype stands were developed and tested over three months by the News Corp Australia Adelaide office - these 3 stands were rotated amongst a number of retail outlets

Results for this campaign

Despite an overall YOY circulation decline of 4.8% YOY Mon-Sat and 3.1% decline Sunday (Australian Audit Bureau of Circulation Jul-Sept 2016) the average sales increase across the 3 month trial was:

  • Retail newsagencies: 8% increase
  • Petrol & Convenience: 13% increase
  • Supermarkets: 13% increase


This average circulation increase of 11.3% across the three key channels exceeded by more than double the target circulation increase for the trial set at a 5% increase.


Anecdotally front line staff remarked how they observed customers waiting in queues at the checkout looking at the moving digital images then physically walking over to pick a newspaper off the stand to include in their petrol or supermarket purchase. They commented that they had not normally seen this happen with the normal static stands.


With a proof of concept accepted, the News Corp Australia national retail team undertook development and production of a final design with production partner Dot Design with 250 Digital Newspaper Stands currently (Jan/Feb 2017) in rollout in 5 key states covering New South Wales (Daily/Sunday Telegraph), Victoria (Herald-Sun), Queensland (Courier-Mail/Sunday Mail), Tasmania (The Mercury) and originating state South Australia (The Advertiser/Sunday Mail)– the very place where the now-global News Corporation started back with Rupert Murdoch and The News masthead in the state capital of Adelaide. Also promoted in each market is the national broadsheet The Australian.


If the same sales success can replicated with the initial 250 stands there are plans to produce more stands to cover more mastheads in other markets.


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